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DVD Unlimited

Reviewed on 03/08/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 10
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.2

Main: Movies

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $39.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
DVD Unlimited offers members access to over 2000 full porn DVDs or - as the tour puts it - enough porn to jerk-off forever. To put this in perspective, we're talking over 10,000 scenes, which equals well over 1500 hours of smut videos in 34 categories. All the movies here can be watched or saved and are offered in multiple sizes and formats. Going through this site sounds like a big job, so I'm heading off to the member area to take a closer look at DVD Unlimited!

The good news is that DVD Unlimited really does have as many movies as they claim, each including a good quality MPG selection that they call DVD Resolution. The not so good news is that DVD Unlimited has the least search options of any DVD site I've ever seen. You can search by category by using a dropdown menu near the top left of the page or you can search by date added by simply going through the pages. There is no way to search by star or studio or title.

Before we get to the movies, let's talk about updates. One full DVD was added while I was writing this review and 6 DVDs were added yesterday. None were added the day before but 3 titles were added the day before that. What this means it that DVD Unlimited doesn't update every day, but they do update frequently, and always with full DVDs, which means several full scenes per DVD. Also something I always like to see is that every DVD listing includes the date it was added to the site and you can search by page number to see every update.

Of course, if you don't really want to search by star or title and you just want massive quantities of porn movies with new titles added literally every single day, DVD Unlimited will probably have a lot of appeal. One reason is the video options. Let's take a look at them right now.

Each scene is offered in MPG, WMV and MOV format as well as a version for iPods. Every movie can be streamed or downloaded and plays smoothly with good sound. The MPGs are labeled DVD Resolution. These are the highest quality videos, and while they do look good, expect them to take a while to download as many are way over 400MB. The one catch with the DVD Resolution videos is that they have a thick black border around them so if you decide to go full screen, the border keeps it from really being full screen.

The high quality WMVs are shown at 480x360 and stream at around 770k. They look good at their original size but not as good full screen. QuickTime was similar quality and size so if you want the highest quality videos the site has to offer, but sure and check out the high quality DVD Resolution versions.

Since this is a movie site, it's no real surprise that there are no pics offered with the videos. While some DVD archive sites offer vidcaps, most of us aren't that thrilled with vidcaps so for us, it's no great loss not to have them here.

DVD Unlimited has a very nice sized collection of over 2000 DVDs and 10,000 scenes. Whether you're looking for amateur porn, cute 18 year olds, milfs or anal sex, they've got enough scenes to keep members busy. And although this site may not update as often as some similar sites, it does add over 10 DVDs per week. There are a couple of big issues, though. One is the search options - you can only search by date or by niche, so if you want to search for your favorite pornstar or studio, you can't do it. There's a lot of content inside DVD Unlimited, which makes it a good deal for the price, but the lack of search features might convince potential members to try elsewhere.

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