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DVD Tube

Reviewed on 08/30/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 10
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.8

Main: Movies

3 Day Trial: $4.87 (recurs at $39.73)
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
When the internet was new, our video options were small and grainy 1 minute clips. Luckily these days we have much better choices! Today we're taking a look at DVD Tube, a video library with a tour promising over 4000 full DVDs, each shown at your choice of 5 speeds. Each video is shown by title and cover, and you can search by pornstar name, category, most popular DVD titles or by newest added. After browsing through the tour, it looks like DVD Tube has a lot to offer, so I'm off to the member area to get a closer look!

The member area looks almost exactly like the tour - search features on the left side of the page, small menu on the top, listings and movies to the right. On the member home page, the most downloaded videos are shown on the far right, although when you're at listings or a movie, there's nothing on the right. The site layout is intuitive and easy to use, and the one feature missing is a listing somewhere for "All Videos".

DVD Tube claims to update daily, and it did add 3 DVDs today. That's a good sign, however without dates on the updates, we can't know whether this is a regular everyday occurrence. So far, so good, though.

The movies are offered in multiple speeds - many in 5 speeds. The speeds are Dialup, Medium, High, Ultra and the inaccurately named Hi-Def. All the videos can be streamed or downloaded, and in most cases, all the speeds are represented, though some movies have only 4. Below the 5 links to download or stream the movies, you'll find the names of the performers and director, the production date and then links to each scene. When you click on any link to stream the videos, a popup appears which the video plays on. You can find links on the popup to change the speed of the video or you can just sit back and enjoy.

Keep in mind that the high speed downloadable DVDs are BIG and the Ultra and so-called Hi-Def speeds are even bigger. Downloads in these sizes run over 500 Mb each, with many of the Hi-Def vids running over a gig. In a way that's a good thing - you can't have quality video without a big download, but for those on broadband who just aren't that patient, I'd recommend watching the streaming versions of the movies. I had some issues with the streaming vids moving a little jerkily, but the downloaded movies played nice and smooth.

The best quality videos are called Hi-Def. While these are not actually HD movies, they are the best the site has to offer. These vids are shown at 512x384 with a bitrate of around 2 Mbps, and while that isn't true DVD quality, these movies look good even if you go full screen. The next speed down is called Ultra, and these vids are the same size as the Hi-Def vids but with a bitrate of 1.28 Mbps. There are 3 more speeds, the lowest of which is called Dialup. A warning to those on dialup or ISDN - the streaming versions of the dialup movies look pretty bad. I'd suggest you download them instead, then watch them at 50% of their size or - even better - use a little patience and watch the Medium videos, which are only 141 kbps.

There are really 2 ways to look at DVD Tube. On the one hand, they have a lot of good quality movies - I can vouch for 1752 full DVDs. On the other hand, their claims seem to be either inaccurate or difficult to check. There don't seem to be over 4000 videos - but it would take hours of cross referencing to be sure. Does the site update every day as claimed? There are no dates on the updates, so you'd have to visit the tour every day to see if new DVDs were added - new DVDs were added today but that's all we know. The so-called Hi-Def videos are not Hi-Def at all. As far as "Unprecedented selection", there are a few sites out there that give you more movies and tons of categories for less money per month. And even so, this site still packs well over 1700 hours of good-quality downloadable movies.

Is DVD Tube worth joining? All in all, if you're looking for a place to download and save lots of movies, it probably is. With way over 1500 full DVDs, which translates to over 4500 full scenes, there's enough porn and enough variety here to keep anyone busy. There are a couple less expensive DVD archives out there - DVD archives with slightly higher bitrates, lower prices and bigger videos. But this is pretty good. Not sure? You can check out a sample by going to the newest release and trying a streaming sample. The quality, speeds and format is what you can expect in the member area, so if you like it, expect to find a whole lot to keep you busy at DVD Tube!

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