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Drilled and Filled

Reviewed on 09/28/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Creampie

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Here comes another review, this time it's Drilled and Filled. The theme here is hardcore creampie - that's internal vaginal or anal cumshot for the uninitiated. "There’s nothing like dropping your entire load inside a chick’s pussy or asshole and then watching it ooze out" - damn, now THAT'S romantic! The tour claims to have preview videos, but there actually don't seem to be any linked here. They also claim there are daily updates, exclusive content, DVD-quality movies, high-quality photos, and 120 bonus sites.

The members area has links everywhere, there's navigation bars on the top, left side, and bottom; the main area is text explaining the navigation links; and most of the left and right sides are links to episodes and DVDs. This is somewhat confusing though as many of the links are to other content in the network rather than just this site. The members area is run partially by flash, it takes an extra moment to get pages to load but there are some advantages in display and searching. You're not bothered by ads in here though as the only ones are dating and sex toy shop links in the side and lower navbar.

The models here are porn actresses, names listed and everything, generally in their 20s and 30s, and ranging in the mildly to moderately attractive department. A lot of the videos do feature anal. The episodes are actually taken from porn DVDs, they link right to them from the video pages so it's not even in question, and they're not all the same series or studio - that doesn't seem particularly "exclusive" to me. The videos run about 25 minutes.

There are 35 episodes for this particular site's series, although there are another 175 creampie videos available in this site as well. This series used to update regularly but stopped 4 months ago, but the site adds more content to its various categories daily.

The video format here is WMV... sounds like it should come with 11 herbs and spices in a bucket with a cartoon drawing of Colonel Bill Gates on the side. The largest video is 480x360 and 1024kbps bitrate, but a few of these were shot widescreen and have been "letterboxed" so part of that is black bars. The largest vids are only available for download and only as the whole movie, but there are smaller versions available for streaming in clips, including the misleadingly-named "high" streaming version of 320x240 at 512kbps.

Video quality is good, acceptable in that "b-grade porn movie" sort of way where the camera gets too close to the subject and moves in an odd way and sometimes pans over to a stuffed animal or a nightstand for no reason, but remains in focus. It does differ a little from DVD to DVD; one series will have better color than another. The clarity is a little soft but adequate, and the largest videos can go fullscreen without suffering. Sound is turned way down on many of these.

Each episode in the site's series has only a vidcap gallery, so that's 35 of those. The vidcap galleries have about 125 pics a piece, around 700x460 and 40kb, but they're somewhat shitty vidcaps. The Pictures section claims to have 70 more hi-res galleries, but some of these are again vidcaps and some aren't creampie.

Bonus content starts with access to the network's content across a ton of categories, over 11,000 video scenes and 23,000 photo galleries. There's also access 95 other bonus feeds, 2 of which are specifically creampie. And there's the live cams page with lots of live cam links, whoopee.

Negatives starts with the content being from DVDs instead of exclusive to this site. Also, there's no new regular updates to this particular site, although the network does update daily. And there's a lack of many actual photo galleries beyond a bunch of lousy vidcaps. The videos aren't DVD quality and the high-resolution versions being download-only and not offered in clips is lame. Finally, the flash-based members area is a little annoying to use and when the server has slowdowns or problems it gets infuriating.

Drilled and Filled has a generic and slightly annoying members area, no more updates to the chief content, but a good number of videos that look decent enough. The photos are a wash being nearly all vidcaps, but there's a ton of bonus content. Ultimately, Drilled and Filled isn't the best and doesn't have the exclusive content they claimed, but does have enough on-theme videos - plus a lot of other content to make it worth checking out.

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