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Download Pass

Reviewed on 10/04/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 10
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.7

Main: Movies

3 Day Trial: $4.99 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Download Pass is a membership site that offers members 3226 scenes from 671 DVDs. While I've seen bigger DVD archives, this is pretty darn impressive. To help put it in perspective, what most porn sites "full movies" is the equivalent of a single DVD scene, so that means members here get access to a whole lotta porn movies! There are literally hundreds of hours of videos here and you don't pay by the minute or by the video - you pay a single monthly fee to watch them all. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

The member area of Download Pass looks pretty much like the tour, and has the same functionality. On the left you can search by category or you can browse by newest releases, complete video listing, by stars, popularity or studio. What you can't do is search the term of your choice as Download Pass offers no search box. Still, what they offer is pretty good and the choices of videos here are pretty exciting.

I decided to see how many videos were in a few categories. There are 431 scenes in teen and 89 in mature women. There were 11 videos in anime/cartoon, 52 in big tits and only 8 videos in redheads. Luckily you can see browse all the categories on the tour, so you can decide before joining if there are enough movies and titles in your favorite categories.

Whether you feel like seeing pornstar Briana Banks or an amateur milf doing her first video, there's something here for you. There's even a video of Jenna Jameson and a penis enlargement video. Most likely you'll find your favorite categories and your favorite DVDs while browsing at Download Pass.

All the movies are offered as WMVs and each scene can be downloaded or streamed in your choice of high, med or low quality. Let me start by telling you about my favorite, which is the downloadable high quality videos. They are shown at 570x380 and stream at around 759kbps. While this isn't spectacular, it's pretty good although I did notice a loss of quality when I enlarged the movies to full screen. For the most part the high quality downloadable movies played smoothly with good sound.

While the downloadable high quality videos are good, the high quality streaming vids are actually non-existent. What I mean by this is the high and med videos are the exact same bitrate and size. In fact, the streaming versions of the high and med movies are the exact same videos. If you want quality, be sure and choose high and then click download. If you're an impatient type or on a slower connection, you can select Med and click watch now. And dialup and ISDN users are not forgotten - with just a little patience the low quality vids, streaming around 143kbps, are perfect.

Each scene does have pics. They are vidcaps and are shown in thumbnailed galleries. If you're not sure if you want to watch a scene or you just like photos, you'll be happy to hear that the galleries are fairly large, usually showing 75 to over 150 pics.

Interesting note here - although there are highest rated scenes, I couldn't find a way for members to actually rate the scenes. Perhaps these videos are rated by number of views per day but it says on the site that these were voted on by members and I looked very hard and didn't find any poll or link to vote for favorites.

Something else I wish they had offered at Download Pass would be a description of each scene. As it is, the only way to know what goes on in each scene is from looking at a single preview thumb and that's really not enough to help me decide. Of course, you can choose to see the picture gallery for each scene, and that is a big help. Still, a description and list of all categories that apply would be handy, and I have seen this on other similar sites.

Members also get access to a large collection of bonus sites. There are original sites from the same network like Rap Video Auditions and Smut Bus, unusual sites like Cum Covered Glasses and even a collection of gay sites for those who are curious.

If you're looking for a huge - really HUGE - collection of hardcore porn movies, Download Pass has you covered. With over 3200 scenes in 34 categories from over 600 DVDs, I think most horny surfers will find plenty here to keep them busy. While the quality of the streaming videos is average, the high quality downloadable videos are good, although perhaps just a little grainy. Still, Download Pass is a site where members can spend hundreds of hours watching porn video after porn video and it's definitely worth checking out.

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