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Doctor Adventures

Reviewed on 10/15/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Uniforms
Additional: Big tits

2 Day Trial: $2.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $24.95
3 Months: $49.95

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First Impression:
Doctor Adventures strikes me as likely a good business venture in the world of adult erotica. Doctor and Nurse Fantasies abound in our sexual psyches do they not? How many a teenage boy has contemplated a career in medicine as a way to access the private parts of women? And judging from the number of doctors that have been hit with malpractice suits for fingering inappropriately their patients, both female and male; some of those fantasizers survived the real world test of jumping through the hoops it takes to become a doctor. Or how many have fantasized about the helpful nurse, either taking advantage of us and pleasuring herself as we lie helpless in our casts; or the Florence Nightingale who soothes and relieves a tormented penis yearning for release after days of confinement in a hospital bed. I speak of course from a male point of view and it would be interesting to find out if women have similar doctor nurse fantasies. I will have to start asking my female friends. The internet is not rife with this sort of content but it is there and I have even reviewed a pseudo-paysite (really just filler content) that featured a couple of French doctors fingering and fucking patients who came in for a breast exams. Doctor Adventures claims the ground of "the first site dedicated to female doctors fucking their patients!" Why then on the front page of the tour is there a scene with a male doctor fucking his female patient? What is it with webmasters? It seems this one can’t even dedicate his site’s promotional tours to its explicit theme. I personally don’t care. I am just as happy to have both male and female doctors fucking their patients. It’s just the logical inconsistency that I find offensive. It shows a lack of respect.

Doctor Adventures is one of 17 sites in the Brazzers network. You have access to all the sites on becoming a member of this one. I recently reviewed one of them, Big Wet Butts, an anal sex site that I gave high marks. Doctor Adventures has 93 sets of videos with pictures and is updated each week. That is lot of exclusive content. These two Brazzers network sites are capable of standing on their own as pay sites. When coupled and supplemented by the other sites in the Brazzers network they represent very good value. Last update, October 11 2007, is Lichelle Marie. I have two choices under Pictures, High Quality Pics or Screen Caps and three choices under Video, Download Full Movie, 1 Minute Clips, or Watch Movie. I click Download Full Movie. The next page gives me options of downloading the whole movie or 9 parts, either in WMV or MPG format. The instruction is to "right click" and "save as" but if you "left click" either WMV of MPG, the video begins to stream immediately. Dr. Marie takes her bald patient’s blood pressure, he tells her what nice breasts she has, and she pats him on the bare bum as he exits her office. She checks his address on his form and drives out to his house and the next thing we know she is sucking his rather large dick. It seems getting your cock sucked can lower your blood pressure by making all the blood rush to your cock. Lichelle Marie is a moderately attractive bleached blonde with a bounteous chest. She looks more like a hooker than a doctor. Her silicone engorged breasts barely budge as her patient’s impatient penis pounds her pussy. The cum shot is totally bungled in the editing. We don’t actually see him cum on her face. Was the camera not rolling? It is a fine fuck flick but as a doctor fantasy it doesn’t cut it.

Brooke Belle, the next doctor has a scene in the same office as Dr Marie. As a fantasy this works marginally better. The guy’s huge erection under his examination garment provides the focal point for the subsequent sexual action. Brooke and Lichelle Marie are almost interchangeable with their blond hair and medically modified breasts. I go in search of some natural breasts. It takes some looking. It seems most of these doctors have an affinity for medical procedures themselves.

Doctor Adventures fails miserably as a doctor fantasy site in my opinion but works well as a straight sex site. And if it fails as a fantasy site, it fails as a reality site that it hints at being in its tour. It features attractive big breasted women who are dressed up as doctors, with a white coat and stethoscope and fuck their patients. The scenes unfold in a highly predictable way, all the ones I watched ended with a facial. There is a lot of content updated weekly and members have access to a total of 17 sites that also have a lot of content and are updated regularly.

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