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Dirty Lilly

Reviewed on 07/15/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.5

Main: Single model

1 Month: $19.95
3 Months: $49.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I love amateur girls who start their own sites. There's something about seeing a regular girl with her own site that really turns my crank. Dirty Lilly is an 18 year old college with big bouncy 38DDs that she says she loves to show off. She's from Poland and has dark hair, a cute face and a sultry expression. Her tour has an interesting scrolling feature. It's at the bottom left and right of the yellow area and you can see preview thumbs of all her updates, which means you have a good idea of just how much content there is in her member area. I'm ready to see it up close, so let's log in and get to know more about Dirty Lilly!

When you log into Dirty Lilly you will find the member menu on the upper right of the page, a site welcome followed by the recent updates on the left and nothing (yet) on the right. The menu is pretty basic and to the point - Photos, Movies, Diary, Bio and E-mail Me. In going through the menu, I found that Lilly's diary is updated periodically with 2 updates from this month and then the next 2 updates are from 2 months previously. The bio is not up yet but the email link works and so do the photos and movies links. At the very bottom of the page are links to help cancel your membership and get support.

The pics at Dirty Lilly are nice and large, mostly around 1024x768. The quality ranges from good amateur to good, with a periodic blurry pic. There are a total of 91 pic sets at this time, some of which are good sized set with over 75 pics, some a little smaller with 25 to 50 pics, and some sets are puny with under 20 pics. There are a surprising number of the small sets with 16 or 19 pics each. There are also some of those weird sets you see in porn sites where the photographer shoots the model washing the floor, often naked.

While some of the photo sets do include nudity, others like "sandy beach" and "Lilly still at the river" do not show any nudity at all. Another thing I noticed is that sometimes you'll find 2 or more pic sets that are actually one set that was split up. I would personally prefer to see them all in one big photo set even if it did mean less sets overall. I think the pics let us get to know Lilly and we get to see her in a lot of outdoor nudity and topless shots that are pretty hot.

The oldest videos at Dirty Lilly are AVIs. These are good amateur quality and nice and large, shown at a screen size of 640x480. Seeing Lilly play with those big soft titties and her shaved pussy in 640x480 is an experience I certainly enjoyed, and I'd recommend it to anyone ;) Around 50 of the oldest videos are AVIs and the rest of the videos - around another 50 - are available in your choice of WMV or MPG. These videos are shown at around 352x288 and are average quality or better and play in your Media Player so you can stream or download them.

Some of the Dirty Lilly videos are pretty short - under 5 minutes - where others are over 10 minutes. The movies aren't available to watch in clips - they can only be watched as a full movie in a single speed - around 700k for the WMVs.

The best part of Dirty Lilly is Lilly herself. She's got big tits, a nice body and when she forgets the camera is rolling, she seems to have a pretty good time. There's a lot of variety in the site - we watch Lilly as she goes for ice cream, masturbates and takes baths plus there are her trips to the beach and around the city. The one thing that threw me a little is the text. This is supposed to be Lilly's site yet there are more site descriptions from the webmaster than from Lilly. Some of the descriptions even seem a little mean. I think clear first-person descriptions would really make the site feel more like Lilly's.

I like the movies and pics inside Dirty Lilly. It's a solid collection of single-girl amateur content and besides playing with her big tits and her pussy, Lilly even occasionally sucks a dick. The movies and pics are mostly good amateur quality work and are fast to load. The bottom line here is if you like Lilly, her site is definitely the place to be. Why not check out Dirty Lilly and see what you think!

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