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Device Bondage

Reviewed on 08/17/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.5

Main: Bdsm

1 Month: $55.00
3 Months: $99.00
6 Months: $156.00

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Device Bondage is one of the more recent sites from Kink. The devices in question are metal or partly metal bondage gear like spreader bars, Spanish Stirrups and a small cage called a Little Ease - not to mention all sorts of clips and clamps. The girls these dungeon toys are used on are cute or pretty and submissive. They are tied or bound with straps or metal devices and then the fun begins. The sessions inside Device Bondage leave marks - vivid marks - on the skin of these willing victims. There's plenty of sexual torture as well as very uncomfortable bondage and pain, but there's pleasure as well. Join me for a closer look at Device Bondage!

The member area and tour of Device Bondage is close to identical so if you can find your way around the tour, the member area will be a piece of cake.

Device Bondage's first episode was listed on the site just under 6 months ago but they've been updating busily. There are currently 43 episodes, each with pics and video.

The models may be either submissive or masochistic or both, but judging by the action here, the Device Bondage sessions seriously test their limits. You can see from the reddened bottoms and thighs, the whimpers and moans of pain and pleasure - or just watch their faces. And unlike some such sites, the doms here are men - experienced masters who know just how far to take things, men who are creative and strict and enjoy the discomfort they are causing these squirming nymphs who are completely in their power. Or to put it another way, the sessions are real as is the pain, discomfort and the control.

The movies here are nice and long, most running over 40 minutes and many over an hour. They're also large and good amateur quality. The oldest are shown at 854x480 and the newer episodes at 960x540. All have a bitrate of about 915k. Each movie is offered in your choice of several long downloadable clips in your choice of WMV, Real Player or MP4, the last format is good for iPods and other handheld devices. Vids are also available as streaming Real Player vids. The videos use no DRM, so whatever you save is yours to keep.

And each video comes with a set of pics. These are digital stills shown at around 792x1200. They show the action and the models extremely well. In addition you can choose which pics you like so you can create your own downloadable zip file.

In addition to the Device Bondage pics and videos, members get access to 4 of the most recent live show replays, and these are big and high quality - in fact, these are the biggest size live videos or live vid replays that I've seen, some shown at 1080x610, which is HD. The replayed live shows are quite long - we're talking hours - and again, the action is very real. It's very different watching girls as they are tormented for hours, bound and helpless. There is a monthly live show so you can watch it as it happens and talk with the models and make requests.

The girls here are often put in humiliating or very uncomfortable positions and forced to endure. They are penetrated both anally and vaginally by a variety of items from handcuffs to dildos. They are bound so they cannot close their mouths or turn their heads, then are punished or forced to cum without being allowed any control of their own bodies.

Everything is done right here. The models are sexy amateur types with a few more glamourous girls. They are willing to be fully restrained and given as much pain as they can take - pushed all the way to their limits. The site brings back member favorites, and it's easy to know who they are from the comments on each video page as well as from the live shows. And there are plenty of devices - restraints, some very wicked gags, electrical items, spreaders. The videos could be higher quality, but they're good amateur quality and at their original sizes - which are nice and large - they definitely deliver the goods as do the pics. If watching girls as they are tortured, teased, tormented and restrained turns you on, you won't want to miss Device Bondage!

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