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Deep in Cream

Reviewed on 10/04/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Creampie

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
"Cream Pies Everywhere", the site’s promotional tour proclaims. Here a cream pie, there a cream pie, everywhere a cream pie, pie. Not sure where that ditty came from. Is it Old MacDonald Had a Farm? I think so. Well we are not talking about cow pies but cream pies here, that glazing of great big gobs of male procreational material, glistening greasily on the fat round shaved pubes of young females. This seems to be a very popular niche and is a nice change from the extremely overdone facial sites that over populate the Internet. There are two trailers on the tour. They are huge, playing on 720x480 pixel screen at 2400kbps. Wow! I sure hope the videos on the site are the same quality. It would be such a disappointment if they were not. The images in the tour depict a broad range of hard core activities including anal and double penetrations. Each scene ends with a shot of semen or often multiple shots of semen painting a pussy puffed-up from the fucking it has just received. It’s a big tour so it gives the impression of a big site. It is part of the BrainPass network. I just reviewed Pierre Woodman’s Europe Hotties another site they have on the network. I really liked that site so I am optimistic about this one.

The members’ page opens on an overview of the BrainPass Network. I give it a pass and head straight over to Deep in Cream. The site has a survey asking the question what kind of cream pie do you like the most? I haven’t really given this a lot of thought so it is helpful that it is a multiple-choice response. Hot anal cumshot dripping on pussy? I don’t think so. Pussy cumshot dripping on ass? Too much like the first one. Girl cleaning another’s dripping pussy? Hmmm. Sound dirty. All internal? I am going to guess that the most popular is going to be girl cleaning another girl’s dripping pussy. Yes I am right, followed by "all internal", "dripping on ass" and then "dripping on pussy". I click on the Claudia’s video. She likes "sexe with 2 guys, she make blowjobs". Yes this site is operated by "mes concitoyens" de Montreal, but obviously from the French side of the Main. Jeez, if you are going to operate a site in English get someone who knows English to edit it. "F**k, Osti", it can’t be that hard to find an English-speaker in Montreal surely.

What a disappointment. The video in the trailer selling the site plays at 2400 kbps; the videos on the site play at 730 kbps. Do these guys not understand the principle of "undersell and over deliver"? If their trailers had been 350 kbps or 700 kbps that would have been fine. Why create expectations that are not going to be met? That said, the video quality is perfectly fine at 732 kbps. The video is divided into 4 parts and can be streamed or downloaded as WMV or just downloaded as MPG. There is no full version of the video. Download speeds are good. Claudia is a lovely specimen. She has gorgeous full breasts, a taut young body, a beautiful face and long brunette hair down to the small of her back. The sex is hot and includes a long double penetration scene with two long dongs that cum in each hole fulfilling a couple of favorite cream pie fantasies at the same time. It’s just too bad that it all seems so mechanical. It looked like work, good performers putting on a good performance. This is why I prefer amateur videos. The people are not performing; they are fucking.

It is curious that there is no full version of the video available since other sites I have visited on this network do and this site set up in a manner identical to those other sites. A full version of the video is a nice feature that they should incorporate here as well. Looking for Sunny Lee I run across a pretty Asian named Loni whose natural breasts are so large she has not trouble sucking her own nipples. No anal for Loni, but a nice natural internal. If you are looking for the popular girl eats cum out of other girl’s vagina, be sure to check out Patricia and Veronika, two buxom beauties who like sucking clit as much as sucking cock. Pictures that accompany each of the videos are only video captures. The site has 34 videos at the moment.

Deep in Cream delivers what it promises in its tour. If you are looking for a change from the predictable and so often dreary drizzling of cum on a girls face this site offers an alternative. There are no facials here. There are 34 videos. That is only an adequate amount for a pay site but this pay site is just one of many quality pay sites on this network.

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