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Dangerous Dongs

Reviewed on 01/15/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.5

Main: Big cocks

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The folks who bring us Dangerous Dongs pioneered the concept of the porn reality site, and this is one of their more recent efforts. Our heroes go to the beach and the mall looking for girls to take home and fuck raw. What's different about Dangerous Dongs is that the guy who will be doing the fucking is packing a very big dick. The tour shows us 44 of the girls in the site taking on those huge rods, so you can get a good idea of what the site is like. I love seeing amateur girls with big cocks, so join me as I'm off the the member area to get a better look at Dangerous Dongs.

The first thing you see in the member area of Dangerous Dongs is the latest update. I like that - it lets us get straight to the porn. Underneath the latest update are all the rest of the episodes - all 58 of them with a thumb so you know what the chick in the episode looks like.

And what they all look like is real amateurs, not pornstars or experienced actresses. That's all to the good for those of us who like to watch girls like the ones we see every day.

Each video is presented in 3 parts and comes with a large set of high-resolution pics. I watched the latest update - involving going to the mall for a girl, then taking her back and fucking her like crazy - and the videos were pretty good stuff. Each part of the video is presented in 1-minute clips or you can download the entire thing using a link under the links to the clips. All videos are available as WMVs or MPGs.

The recent WMVs are shown at 480x320. They load very quickly, the action is smooth and the sound is good quality. The broadband clips are shown at a respectable 540k. While this could be better, it is definitely good enough that there are no weird blurry sequences in the videos. The dialup clips are small enough to be useful for dialup users and stream at 131k. And the MPGs are the size of the broadband WMVs but are better quality. If you like to enlarge your videos, you'll want to try the MPG clips as they don't lose as much quality when you enlarge them.

I found most of the videos inside Dangerous Dongs to start out a little slowly. I watched 2 where they didn't find a girl for 3 minutes, and didn't get her back to their place for another 2 minutes. Sure, some of the videos got to the action a lot sooner, but in a lot of these movies there is a lot of interplay between the camera man and the big dick guy as they go looking for women. Luckily the preview thumbs for the clips help out as you can see the first clip that shows a girl and then can start from the clip before.

The older WMVs at Dangerous Dongs are shown at a screen size of 352x240 and stream at about 358k. The MPGs here are definitely better quality but you can't beat the loading time when watching WMVs. If you have no patience, go with the WMVs - if you value quality, the MPGs will hold your attention.

The photography captures the action very well. The videos and the pics are amateur quality, but they're pretty good amateur quality and really get you into the action. When a girl goes down on a huge dick, you see her face as she realizes she may not be able to get the entire thing in her mouth. Her responses as she tries to suck this massive pole are what make Dangerous Dongs a hot site. And seeing each girl as these meat missiles are launched into their pussies - oh, man!

The pics don't miss a minute of this. They are high resolution stills, which mean they are better than a lot of pics inside the average reality site. And there are plenty of pics with every episode. There were more than 100 pics in every episode I checked.

Another great feature at Dangerous Dongs are the bonus sites members get access to. These are not cheap and cheesy paid feeds - these are the reality sites that put this network on the map. You can get access to 16 of these sites including the world-famous MILF Hunter and Big Naturals, one of the best all-natural big tit sites on the web.

Dangerous Dongs treats us to all the best of reality porn. The girls are obviously amateurs who are blown away by the huge cocks they suck and ride. The videos and pics are amateur to good amateur quality and add to the feel of the site. The bonus sites deliver a lot more porn movies and I think they are the best collection of bonus sites I've seen around. So if you wanna see real girls take on huge cocks, why not visit Dangerous Dongs and see what they have to offer.

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