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Reviewed on 2010-05-18 by Basschick




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Dancing Bear - or Tale of the Dancing Bear, to give the full name - is a troup of male strippers who do shows at clubs, sorority houses, offices and residences. They do bachelorette parties, birthday parties or any kind of party where the ladies want to celebrate with some dick. The guys strip, tease the women into a frenzy, and then let them stroke and suck the guys' cocks while the girls cheer each other on. Ever want to see a group of women go totally wild on camera? Then join us for a closer look at the CFNM action at Dancing Bear!

The member home page of Dancing Bear is simple to use, with navigation links running across the top of the page, the latest update on the left and the rest of the episodes listed below. But the page is also mined with ads that can look like content unless you pay attention. There are 2 banners to the right of the latest update, a bunch of live cam thumbs and at the bottom of the page is a row of large thumbs and banners. If you want to be sure you're clicking the episodes, each one has a large thumb, and under it are a title in bold, the date it was added and a description. The site updates every 2 weeks.

The 38 videos are offered in one size of streaming Flash, and can be watched as full scenes or clips. The full scenes are shown at 640x480 at average quality, and the clips are shown at 720x412, which slightly distorts the shape. All videos are average quality with good sound, and there are no downloadable versions offered.

Each episode of Dancing Bear comes with 2 sets of pics - a set of good amateur quality digital stills and a set of vidcaps. The digital stills are shown at 800x531, and each set offers hundreds of them. Considering that the pics are shot in a nightclub a lot of the time, the lighting is actually pretty good. The vidcaps are average vidcap quality, which means some blurry pics or other issues, but they're a good way to preview the videos.

The action here is exactly what's shown on the tour. The guys know just how to strip to drive their female audiences wild, and the girls want to get some hands-on time with the strippers. All sorts of women want to touch the guys, stroke them and suck them off in front of the rest of the audience, and the guys show off their bodies in ways that drive the ladies wild - which not only gets them horny, but means they'll tip more. Once the girls are heated to the boiling point, the men finally give them what they want - cock. They take turns right there on the club floor, showing off their blowjob skills.

Did the site have any issues? Well, let's start with the pre-checked offer (also called a cross sale) on the billing page - read before you join to make sure it's of interest. The trial membership is low cost, but it probably only offers limited site access, and it recurs at a full $15 more than the regular monthly membership. And last, the join page says to expect over 5 years of parties, and while this might be 5 years, there are only 38 episodes total. None of these, however, are deal breakers as they don't affect the content or updates.

Dancing Bear definitely delivers plenty of energy as sexually crazed chicks watch male strippers till they can't wait to stroke and suck the guys' cocks. The videos are exclusive, the action is hot and the site updates about every 2 weeks. There are 38 episodes, each including 2 sets of pics plus streaming video in full scenes and clips. Why dancing bear? Well, the troup of male strippers uses a guy in a bear outfit as a sort of mascot. But what's important is babes at clubs and parties servicing the dancers. If the idea of watching dressed horny women sucking naked guys sounds hot, why not head on over to Dancing Bear for some of the best CFNM action I've seen in a while!

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