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Cute Halle

Reviewed on 09/08/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 10
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Single model
Additional: Hi-def

3 Day Trial: $4.87 (recurs at $39.73)
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Cute Halle. This is a single model site. On the site, Halle does solo and lesbian scenes. There's a piece of text on the tour that says "group sex", it's vaguely referring to group lesbian sex, not guy-girl hardcore. The tour promises weekly updates, HD video, hi-res photos, and access to 20 other sites, so let's see how it stacks up.

The main members page is an eyesore, there's so much vying for your attention as you scroll down that it reminds one of Times Square. Organization is a disaster, there's a navbar in the upper left that doesn't go to the main content at all, tons of sections for bonus content and ads, and in the middle is the generic links to the actual main content disguised as episodes. The somewhat large number of ads and upsells might not have seemed so bad had the bonus content not looked so much like it. Once you find your way into the main content area, it gets remarkably simple as everything's right there on that one page and very basic.

The main model is Halle, obviously. She's pretty much what's on the tour: cute, 18-22-ish, decent body, blonde, brown eyes. She strips, plays with herself, and has girl-girl sex, either in an apartment or outdoors. The tour suggests there's any sort of personality in the site, but the truth is there's none, it's just Halle in action. Videos run about 12 to 20 minutes each.

There are 33 videos on this site. Episodes are not dated, so it's hard to say when they go up.

Videos are offered in WMV format, specifically for Media Player 9 and above so you can move the bar anywhere in the timeline and it'll cue right to that scene, but it also means no saving the vids. The vids come in 3 sizes: 1280x720 with a 4128 kbps bitrate; 640x360 with 2240 kbps; and 320x180 with 1216 kbps. However, there is a code issue with the player window that makes the videos square and constricted, you can right-click to zoom for fullscreen mode (don't use their "full screen" page link, it stops the vids). Videos stream in and play smoothly, though at those monster bitrates your system resources may greatly affect how smooth that is, and dial-up users I don't think could get anything out of even the low-quality versions.

The videos are HD and look very good. The outdoor videos are somewhat out of balance, in shade the subjects are too dark and sunlight too overlit, but it's mostly acceptable. Audio is decent and set to a good level usually.

Each episode has a picture set except for 3, so there are 30 galleries. The images are about 1043x1600 and around 450 to 650 kb each. There are roughly 120 to 350 pics per set. The photos look very good, for the web these definitely quality as "hi res" in my book. There's no zip file or slideshows.

Bonus content starts with access to 20 other sites in their network, a few are lesbian, a few teen, and 1 solo; specifically, they're the ones mentioned in the tour. There's also a ton of plugin feeds in a lot of different niches, though a few don't work.

The first negative is the lack of episode dates - do they update? Who knows. Also, the videos appear in a pop-up with a tiny display window, nothing like seeing a hi-def video constricted to the size of a misshapen thumbnail; and if you click their "full screen" link, it fills the screen and stops loading the vid, thanks a bunch for that. The site suggests it has video for 56k users, but I doubt there's a dialup user out there that could do anything with these. The members area has too many ads and is difficult to navigate at first, then is too simplistic. And there's no personality here at all which is no good for a single model site.

This is a tough site to review because its members area is a real mess, there's no personality or charm here, it may or may not ever update, and the videos come up in a screwy popup page that displays them wrong. However, the content is really HD if you go to Media Player's fullscreen mode, the pictures are indeed hi-res, and there is a lot of bonus content. Ultimately, if you like this model, you're going to want to join this site, but honestly unless price is no object to you, I can't recommend it.

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