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Cute Angie

Reviewed on 12/17/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.5

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Cute Angie is cute - she really is. Not only is she cute, bubbly, she's got a hot body and a sexy French accent, as well. Her tour shows us her bio (she's 19 years old, bisexual and 5'3"), a sample from her journal and pics of her with her girlfriends and solo, as well. On the join page, it promises access to a network of sites, DVD quality movies, downloadable content and "exclusive content updated daily". I take most of these with a grain of salt - most sites that say content updated daily means one of the sites in the network updates daily but not the site I joined to see. Still, Angie is a doll so let's go check out her member area and see more of what she has to offer.

When you log into Cute Angie you are taken to a gateway page with access to all the Pornstar Network sites, and we'll get back to those, but for now the link to Cute Angie is on the top of the page so I'll click that and continue into the site we're here to see.

At the top of the member pages are the navigation links - Videos, Pictures, Diary, About Me, Friends, Live plus a link to home so you can always get back to the main page from anywhere inside the site. The main member page includes links to Angie's updates - her latest videos, latest pic sets and latest diary entry. There's also a spot for her live show schedule that says "My schedule will be posted soon!" and a poll asking what you like best about her.

The first thing I do when I review a single girl member area is check out her diary or blog. Cute Angie's diary has 7 entries and while Angie's diary is fun reading, the last entry, unfortunately, is over a year ago. What is there are fairly short - one paragraph each. I also checked the About Me section. What's there is also short and doesn't tell that much about the girl herself.

There are currently 13 videos inside Cute Angie, each available on a low speed page and a high speed page. The videos are presented in both WMV and MPG, and the best quality videos are the 700 kbps WMVs which actually stream at 732 kbps at a screen size of 480x360 which means they look pretty good. The high speed MPGs are a little smaller in screen size but are also good quality. You can also watch the WMVs on the low speed page at dialup speed and you'll also find a lower quality version of the MPGs for people on slower broadband. The sound is good for the most part and the video camera work isn't bad, and here's something I really liked - the videos can be streamed or downloaded.

If you're a fan of single girl sites, you may seem some cuties here you recognize. Angie plays with the succulent and lickable Christine Young, sexy Melissa Doll, squirting queen Kream and our other reviewer Frank's favorite porn babe, Yumi Lee - also known as Sunny. I'm not sure whether these videos were shot for this site or the other sites, but the girls have hot bodies, horny tongues and dripping pussies. They finger, stroke and tease each other for the camera. And if you love a little lesbian action between cute teen and twenty-something honeys, don't forget the pics.

Cute Angie has 36 photo sets and these are pro-am quality or better. The lighting, framing and technical stuff is pretty good, the pics are nice quality and Angie and her girlfriends kiss, lick each others' nipples and fill each others' tight pussies with dildos. And there's also sets of Angie all alone, showing off her slender body and masturbating for the camera. Not only does this girl have a banging body but she seemed to have a really good time when her photos and videos were shot, and that makes them a lot more fun for us to watch.

The pics here are a pretty good size - mostly 600x800. Also each pic set can be browsed as a gallery or downloaded in a zipped file. Now here's the weird part. You must click the link that says View slideshow to see the galleries, but there's no slideshow offered - go figure!

Cute Angie members get access to a HUGE collection of bonus sites and content because the site is a member of the Pornstar Network. There are more single girl sites, like Christine Young, Shelby Bell and Cherry Potter. There are official pornstar sites from big black dick star Lex Steele, black superstar Vanessa Blue and cumshot king Peter North. Plus members get access to all sorts of porn from squirting pussies to POV porn. And did I mention the DVD library? This bonus site collection is one of the best out there - a real smutlovers smorgasbord.

I have only one real issue with Cute Angie but it's important to consider. It appears that the site doesn't update. Not only has the diary not been updated for over a year but 36 pic sets and 13 videos isn't enough to have been updated regularly for over a year. And while the Pornstar Network updates some of their sites a lot, some of their sites don't get updated - my guess is this is one of them. Still, if you love porn, it could be worth joining to check out all Cute Angie's content and then immerse yourself in all the other single girl, pornstar and video sites - there is a lot there and Angie herself is cute enough to be worth a good, long look.

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