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If you love watching babes drenched by cum - I'm talking literally dripping with cum - Cumshot Surprise the biggest, wettest messiest cumshots around. The tour shows cocks exploding with massive loads of jizz all over hot porn chicks, in their open mouths, on their faces, tits and pussies. There are two or more girls in each preview on the tour. The site offers exclusive downloadable content plus access to the Porn Pros Network, which features 20 original sites and daily updates. Ready to watch cum-hungry honeys show off their tits, suck and fuck and get covered in manjuice? Then join me for a look at the member area!

When logging into Cumshot Surprise, don't be surprised to find yourself in the network. It's easy to find your way into the site, though - just click the link above that says Sites or use the Pick a site dropdown near the top of the page. Once you are on the member home page, you'll see the latest updates followed by all 69 of the updates. The site updated twice last month, once the month before, twice the month previous and added 3 updates for the 2 months previous. In other words, the site is still updating, but less frequently than it was.

The newer videos are offered in HD, the WMVs shown at 1250x702 with a bitrate of 2.62 Mbps, and there are also HD MPGs at a similar size. There are also standard sized videos, and both sizes look good. The older videos have links to the full videos that SAY they're in HD, but in reality they're the same size as the standard videos for the newer episodes, shown at 512x288 but definitely good quality. There are also 1-minute clips for those who prefer them, and you can watch each video in several streaming Flash clips that I'd say are average quality - lower if you go full screen.

Each Cumshot Surprise video comes with 2 sets of pics - a set of vidcaps and a set of digital stills. The digital stills are good amateur quality, and are shown at 850x850. They include a couple handy features as they can be downloaded as a zip file or the newer pics can be clicked to see an even larger size, often around 2000x3000, although these are not as sharp and clear - but they are huge.

All the episodes I checked out had 2 or more girls, so there was a lot of very hot group sex in HD, although some of the older videos are a single babe taking on a single dick. Overall there's plenty of cocks being sucked, pussies being fucked and tons of cum. Okay, I admit it - I doubt the cumshots at Cumshot Surprise are the real thing as there's just SO much cum, and it seems to have a watery consistency. Still, the girls are hot, the action is good, and the videos are sexy and fun.

Members looking for bonus material will have a lot to look at. The network actually offers 23 bonus sites, 3 more than claimed on the tour, and 3 of which are also cumshot sites. Two or three sites update every day, so there's always something new, and the niches include some extreme sites, a couple BDSM sites, horny teens, big cock sex and ex-girlfriend sites, plus squirting pussies, big tits and more. More good news is that the content is mostly good quality and downloadable. There's also a large number of live amateurs on chat, which is free but costs additional fee to go one on one.

The thing I really didn't like was that to the right of the video download options is a small section called "Get Video To Go". You would expect the options listed there are further downloadable videos, but in reality it's an ad that leads you away from the site. A few more things worth mentioning are that the trial membership recurs at $15 more than the regular monthly membership, that there's a pre-checked offer on the join page and that the network updates with dates were listed out of order, which made it seem at first like the network didn't offer as many updates as it does.

Cumshot Surprise offers good quality downloadable videos, hot chicks and access to a good sized porn network with daily updates. The newer videos are HD, which is an extra plus, and each movie comes with 2 sets of pics. There are 69 videos, but recently updates have slowed to 1-2 per month, so the site isn't growing very quickly. Luckily there are those 23 bonus sites, all of which offer the same quality of downloadable vids. If you like the idea of girls - often 2 or more at a time - being literally covered in cum, why not check out Cumshot Surprise and see what you think!

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