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Cummin' at Ya

Reviewed on 10/11/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Cum shots

1 Month: $19.95
6 Months: $100.00

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First Impression:
Cummin' At Ya bills itself as "the no. 1 site for the hottest teens sucking cock and taking big fat cum loads on their pretty little faces!!" The site's tour attracted me because it because I worked with a girl featured on the tour page when I opened it. She is Patricia Petite from Montreal. She is getting to be well known in the porn biz after three years and is still only 21. The tour page changes every time you refresh it. The tour shows you all the girls that are inside so you have a very good idea of what you are going to see and it looks like there are over 200 of them. I don’t have a very good first impression of the site. The site is subtitled, "Wet facial cumshot movies" yet I see included in the tour page some 60 hand job videos that can be seen on numerous hand job sites all over the web. I know these videos very rarely contained facials because I encoded all of them for a webmaster. That is two strikes against the site; one, the site has lots of no-facial content when that would seem to be its "raison d’etre" and two, the content is not unique to the site.

I avoid all the handjob videos with which I am far too familiar. The first video I look at is the most recent update. She is Harmony a young woman with a near perfect body. She strips for an older dude whom she then blows while he eats her pussy. The action is shot in a hotel room and the lighting is very poor. Nevertheless the video is engaging in its amateur feel and finishes with a cum shot on her breasts. So it would seem that even the newest videos do not conform to the theme of the site. Next I check out Melissa. This is lovely full-breasted girl from Brazil with a nicely shaved pussy and a very large and erect clitoris that she rubs vigorously. She sucks off her guy while he too eats her pussy. When he cums in her mouth she holds it all in until he has finished and then she slowly lets his cum dribble over his balls. A voice behind the camera, the camera guy I assume, asks her to lick it up. She obliges. It was hot. Next I watch Veronika a young woman from Florida with a great body and large natural breasts. This is a POV movie filmed by the same camera guy from the movie above. She puts in a journeyman effort on his everyman cock, using her mouth breasts and hands. But alas she is unable to make the guy come. He has to finish by jerking off into her mouth and, ungentleman-like, her eye. She truly doesn't seem to mind and poses, all cum-faced, for some pictures. She is hot. The guy is not. She deserves better than to be jerked off on. Next I watched Patricia. She looks really cute in her blue panties. This is the young Patricia when she is just starting out, still only 18. Her make-up looks professionally done and it really increases her attractiveness. She was with the same guy with the everyman cock and I am beginning to think I recognize it. Isn't this the "Exploited Teens" guy’s cock? Great to see he is still going, if it is he, and who can blame him if these pretty teen girls can't get him off. He has had his cock sucked by so many of them. I have seen Patricia do a better job with the load of cum she received.

There are, as claimed, hours and hours and hours of video here. I actually like the videos I watched and even though I suspect they are not unique to the site I have never seen them before. There are occasional problems with the camera work. When the scene is backlit the action is too dark. The site emphasizes facials in its promotional tour but is full of non-facial content. Nearly a third of the videos are handjob-oriented and can be seen in many handjob sites on the web. But with over 200 videos on this site alone there is still ample content you have likely not seen elsewhere, plus there are bonus sites. The videos are all mpegs and must be downloaded to be viewed. The site claims this as a virtue requiring no exotic codecs. I disagree. I want to have a streaming option when I view video.

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