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Cumisha Jones

Reviewed on 09/30/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 5
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 6.3

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $9.99
1 Month: $19.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Cumisha Jones is a cute legal teen girl who made it into porn with her exotic looks and pretty smile. She is slim but not skinny, speaks good English, has long black hair, has a soft body and supple breasts and performs a variety of both softcore and hardcore acts alike. Her collection of videos and photo shoots are all part of her web site called Cumisha Jones and she looks so good, I can't wait to log in and see more of her!

The home page but the picture set page instead. Clicking the homepage link on other pages takes you right back to the pictures, but to offset this navigation problem there are no ads in the entire site. There isn't a diary, or blogs, or ever a bio on this chick... nothing but exclusive video and picture content. There is a small picture promising a new update on the left side of the page but sadly no further dates within the site. Everything is intuitive and easy to find on the list on the left side of the member pages and there are no misleading links to be found here at all.

Cumisha Jones has a bright and easygoing personality working for her and this comes across with her accessible smiles and flashing eyes. This coupled with her exotic looks, gives her almost an air of mystery and untapped sensuality that is brought out in her exclusive content. She doesn't seem to go to school, and besides pouring water and cream on herself, isn't into anything too kinky like bondage or anything. She is very comfortable in front of a camera and seems to have had some modeling experience before building this site.

Cumisha likes to masturbate frequently in front of the camera also and uses a piece of fruit in one photo shoot to play with herself. She doesn't seem to do girls and only is seen fucking one big dicked guy in her content collection, but you get the feeling that she would perform much more adventurous sex acts if given the opportunity and perhaps the right partners.

Let's examine the video content offerings at Cumisha Jones and see what we have. First off, the site has a small collection of videos - 6 to be exact, spread across 2 pages. These videos are WMV format and have no dates either current or past as to when they arrived on the site. They are broken up into clips of various numbers that generally run about between 3 to 4 minutes in length. Three quality settings are offered - Lo , Med, and Hi, with Med being the default and serving up a streaming WMV of about 320x240 screen size @ 340kbps. No zip file download option is available but there is an option to stream the entire movie. A Lo speed file is offered and brings us a clip of about 240x180 screen size @ 152kbps.

There is also a Hi quality setting which is the way to go here and streams a clip of 320x240 screen size @512kbps which can be magnified to 200% and still looks decent. Once you have made a bandwidth decision these clips and movies run pretty well and are all of respectable quality- except for the Lo speed version which is visibly choppy.

Quality-wise we're talking average to just slightly above amateur attributes for these videos including sound and choice of settings and angles. Occasionally we see some camera equipment and lighting rigs, and maybe a hand or two in the frames, but these quickly go away. Sound seems to come from right out of the top of the camera but this too is acceptable for this level of work and for the most part works just fine. Close up and angle work seems spur of the moment with the occasional lengthy POV shot thrown in - often of Cumisha's pretty face in the throes of ecstasy or of a rigid cock ramming in and out of her wet cunt. This ,too , is not a problem and all seems to blend well together.

With only 6 videos being offered one would guess that there would be a sizable amount of pictures to offset this deficiency - and you would be right. Photo shoots are Cumisha's strong point as she brings to the table no less than 6600 digital stills. These measure 1024x683 px approximately and have various file sizes ranging from 78kB to about 140kB.
Bringing out her best features these pictures make her look good. Featuring the right clothing and make-up choices, the right lighting, and the right sets, these digital stills make her look like a runway fashion model, which means she looks very hot. Professionally shot, these pictures only lack overall size and a little loss of detail in making them really stand out in my book.

Cumisha Jones members get bonus content, as well. Members get access to 7 of her single friends' sites as well as some plug-in content to keep you happy. Highlights include a massive photograph depository with literally thousands of pictures of all kinds of topics, another site that features 65 more sites, and a webcam site that at the time of this review had some sort of login problem.

Cumisha Jones is not a perfect site and has some flaws that you should know about. They would be the previously mentioned homepage not really being a homepage but one that instead goes back to the picture set page. There is no lesbian action even though some is shown on the tour, there are no dates on the updates, no diary, no blog, and finally just not enough videos.

All in all Cumisha Jones is one good looking chick. With her pretty face, warm and inviting smiles, exotic look, and hot body, this is one web amateur that will go far. Her site features decent enough navigation except for the homepage problem. There are lots of pictures, and a pile of bonus content to bring substance to her site. On the down side, she just doesn't have enough videos to keep the average porn hound satisfied and you'll have to go through the non-exclusive content to get your fill of moving content. The price is right, though, as $19.99 is a good deal. With frequent updates and small site repairs, Cumisha Jones would be a definite keeper.

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