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Creamy Pie Holes

Reviewed on 03/12/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.3

Main: Creampie

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
Creamy Pie Holes is an appetizing domain name. Without looking at the site what is the first image to pop into your brain? Cream pies have come (I was tempted to spell it cum) to mean internal ejaculations and their oozing aftermath whether from the anus or the vagina. I guess creamy holes would conjure up the same imagery. But for students of the English language the imagery would be quite different for "pie hole" is a synonym, albeit somewhat vulgar, for mouth. But the creamy mouth set will have to look elsewhere for here we are talking the "crotchety" regions of the female anatomy. The misspelled headline at the top of the tour page declaims in large font, "Dirty little whores leaking gobbs of man goo". These are the same guys that spell thirsty, "thursty" on headline of their site Gobble My Goo which is also one of the bonus sites here. "All Creamy Pie Hole episodes are 100% exclusive and shot by us." attests the site. If true, that is a plus, exclusive content is always a plus. Karina is the lead-off cutie in the tour. She is a pretty brunette with a lovely natural body. I am looking forward to seeing more of her. The other girls in the tour also look attractive.

There are four pages of models on the site, with five models to a page. I scroll through each page looking for Karina. I go back and do it again. I can’t believe this and it take a third slow crawl through all 4 pages to verify that Karina is not here. I really don’t understand some webmasters. Okay, so you can’t spell, but why put someone in your promotional tour, the purpose being to attract us in, and then not have that person in the site? You can see why spelling counts. This is just continued carelessness. A drop down menu on the home page indicates that Allie is the update for today Mar 12, but there is no Allie on the site. Maybe they are just late with the update. It is now 6 PM EST.

The first movie I download is Genesis. The number of video viewing options is impressive. There is WMV 700, 1100 and 2100 kbps; MPEG - 1000 kbps; Mac - 1000 kbps; and iPod standard. I right click and download the MPG 1000 kbps version. The download speed is not as rapid as the 475 kb/s I experienced previously on one of there sites. Speed hovers around 320 kb/s, not bad, but for these large files it takes a while for the video to arrive. Genesis is an attractive young woman who is here for her first anal cream pie. She has done lots of pussy cream pies before, something she says she loves. The movie is very good quality playing on a 720x480 pixel screen. Does it qualify as a cream pie if the guy actually cums on her pussy and asshole and smears it around?

The next video I select for download is Lorens but when it arrives it sounds to me more like her name is Lorena Sanchez. She is a blond wide-wasted Hispanic beauty with a great smile, a bubbly personality, wonderful breasts and a beautifully-shaped bald pussy. Her natural breasts bounce wildly as the guy pounds her swollen pussy. He finishes by jerking off with the head of his penis inside her vagina, thus the cream in this pie appears almost immediately. I am totally confounded however by the next video of Sinitia. She is a much bleached but still attractive blond who is fucked anally and vaginally. The scene finishes with both guys jerking off into a large martini glass. This is exactly the kind of video that Gobble My Goo has and is another indication of the incredible sloppiness of this webmaster. He put the video on the wrong site.

Victoria is an exotic beauty. One of the two guys fucking her cums in her pussy. She squeezes the cum out on to a plate and eats it. The second guy cums in her mouth and then the first guy cums a second time also in her mouth. Naomi does the same in her video, eats cum off the dish her vagina has oozed it on and then takes a facial from another guy who just wanders into the room. Eating cum from the plate your vagina has dribbled it on is also the way Kerry and Chiquita’s videos end. Btw, Chiquita is my favorite.

Creamy Pie Holes has 20 videos. They are very good quality and the action is consistent with the theme of the site save one video that is clearly here by mistake and just one example of the general administrative sloppiness of the site. Another example, the most prominent girl in the site’s tour is not on the site itself. These frustrations might be easily overlooked if there was more content on the site. The site could be a contender if it got its act together.

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