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Creampie Surprise

Reviewed on 08/31/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.9

Main: Creampie

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.88

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First Impression:
Is there anyone now who doesn’t know the meaning of the expression "creampie" as it is applied in the porn world. For those few of you who may not know a creampie is evidence of an internal ejaculation or as the promotional text says, "We provide a service to girls who are in need of making a little bit of extra cash really quickly. What they don’t realize before signing up for the job is that we are obsessed with blowing our huge loads inside their juicy little pussies." Surprise! It seems these guys cum in these girls’ pussies after expressly telling them that they will not do that. I just don’t get these "let’s trick the girl" sites. First of all they are so phoney, but I guess what really alarms me is that there are so many of them and so many are mean-spirited, like throwing the gang-banged girl out the door with no clothes, or cumming in the girls vagina when you have said you wouldn’t, or not paying after a shoot, or revealing to a blindfolded girl she has fucked a black dude when she said she didn’t want to have sex with black guys, etc, etc. That there is a market for this stuff says much about my fellow man. Why do such a large percentage of men enjoy seeing women disrespected?

I am glad to see there is a market for creampies or internal ejaculations. Its sexual riskiness aside, it does seem like a more natural place to ejaculate then the mouth which has become the common happy ending to almost all boy/girl porn. I am less enamoured of that misnomer the "anal creampie".

The home page is one long page featuring the most recent update and 68 other creampie cuties as you descend the page. Descend further and you get into some of the video bonus content. Go still further and they try to sell you memberships to other sites. The content is updated weekly with a third of a video. The videos are divided into 15 parts. The first update is the first 5 parts of the video and the photos that where shot with the video. The next update is the second 5 part set, followed a week later by the final five part set. The photos are large enough, 680x1024 pixels, and complement the video. The videos are only available in wmv format. There is a dial up modem version and broadband version. The broadband video quality is good on a 320x240 pixels screen. The videos can be streamed and/or downloaded and saved to your computer.

There is lots of content here and some of the girls are very attractive. The more recent videos seem to have been shot specifically with the theme of the site in mind. The video ends with the girl protesting the fact that the guy has cum in her. Strangely enough she then poses for pictures as the cum drips out of her cunt. In earlier videos there is no pretense made about the girl not wanting the guy to cum inside of her, ergo, no surprise. I also discover a couple of videos that I am sure "creampie purists" would say are cheats. I don’t think it really qualifies technically as a creampie if the penis is out of the vagina when it ejaculates all over the pussy lips, and here I have to admit to being no expert. Hmmmm, what would a pussy covered in cum be called I wonder, perhaps a glazed donut? Nevertheless there is enough good sex here that ends in pussies’ dripping cum to satisfy those who want to see pussies’ dripping cum.

In addition there is large amount of bonus material that involves energetic fucking and sucking and cocks spewing cum on girls. The site is easy to navigate and every link I try works.

Creampie Surprise is a site that specializes in, as expected creampies, but creampies with a twist. These are unwanted creampies. The idea is that the girls make it clear that they do not want to have the guy cum in them and then they act upset when that is exactly what happens. The theme fizzles out as you view the older movies on the site that are likely repackaged from a no surprise creampie site. However there is a lot of creampie content here augmented by good quality bonus material. Everything on the site works as it should.

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