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Cover My Face

Reviewed on 06/17/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.2

Main: Cum shots
Additional: Group sex

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
My first thought is this is just what the world needs, another facial cum shot site. Clearly we are enthralled by the sight of women drenched in our cum if one is to judge by the number of facial sites that exist and the number of times that a porno flick ends with the guy ejaculating all over the woman's face. This site offers that and much more. The first page of the tour features Missy Munroe showered with the cum of twenty-nine guys. There are 13 women presented in the 3 pages of the promotional tour, each with the number of guys who have cum on them proudly enumerated below their image. This is perhaps more properly described as a bukkake site. I have recently been complaining about site tours that have little to do with the actual content of a site. This is the opposite of that kind of tour. Thirteen videos from the site feature in the tour. We know before going in exactly what we are going to see. This is not just another facial site; this is Brandon Iron's facial site. That's right, Brandon Iron of the long dick who has featured in zillions of porn vids is the visionary behind this production. He has introduced something new, for me anyway, into the facial - the clean up crew. Nice touch there Brandon and a nice way to prolong our enjoyment of these pretty jizz-covered faces. Yup after the guys have delivered their load in come the human vacuum cleaners to clean up the recipients. The site is a member of the BrainPass network so when you join you get access to lots of other quality sites like Christine Young, Peter North, Real Squirt and many others.

The home page has thumbnails for four videos under a heading my latest videos. The page smacks of generic format. Out of curiosity I click on the drop down menu to go visit another site in the network just to see how it is set up. Yep, identical. Except here on Cover My Face we have a survey in the spot that featured a diary in the solo girl site I visited. It asks, "What do you enjoy about" I am given the opportunity to reply "The hot babes", "The crazy facials", "The hardcore fucking", "The clean up girls". You can only click one of the choices it seems. After I click my choice a new page comes up with the results of the survey so far. 69 like the hard core babe, 479 like the crazy facials, 45 like the hardcore fucking and 220 like the clean up girls. Yup we sure do like to see our girls faces covered in cum.

As I predicted the site delivers exactly what you see in the promo. In fact once you have seen the promo you have seen almost the whole site. There are a total of only 18 videos and no indication of update frequency. I have the distinct feeling as I am viewing these clips that they have been cut from a DVD. As such I think they provide little basis for a pay-site. But as a portal into a network of other sites, or as a site available to members who have joined other sites, it makes a lot of sense I guess. The videos all follow pretty much the same format; most usually a solo woman writhes seductively while POV hands begins to play with her breasts, butt, pussy. Soon the action evolves to her sucking a cock which may be joined by another cock. The action continues with fucking, both anal and vaginal, followed by one or two dicks shooting loads of cum onto her face and into mouth. After swallowing these creamy gifts she is apparently still not satisfied and then proceeds out patio doors into the waiting penises waving in the wind. Then anywhere from 10 to 29 loads of cum are shot onto her face. The shoot finishes with one or more clean-up girls coming into maybe share one final splash to the face before licking up the layers of loads lying in pools over her eyes. This is often done by one guy holding her head and hair out of her face while directing her movement like one would direct a vacuum cleaner. The photos are only 720x480 pixels and a waste of time.

Cover My Face is a bukkake site based on videos produced by Brandon Iron and his vision of what a good facial site should include. That means some hard fucking and double penetration followed by copious amounts of cum, delivered by up to 29 guys, all of which must be consumed. The site seems to be composed of about 3 DVDs worth of content with 18 videos in total. On its own that would be insufficient for a pay-site but in this case the site is part of the BrainCash network, which contains a number of quality sites.

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