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College Wild Parties

Reviewed on 11/29/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.5

Main: Sex parties
Additional: College

3 Day Trial: $4.95
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1 Month: $39.95

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First Impression:
When you check out the College Wild Parties tour, you may get the impression that college students seem to spend an awful lot of time at parties where they drink plenty of beer, scream and yell a lot and get all the pussy they can. Well, the guys do, the girls drink the bear, scream and yell and suck a lot of cock. Yup, sounds like my college days all right! If seeing 18 - 23 year old girls getting truly wild in front of large groups of drunken frat guys turns you on, join me as I log in and take a closer look at College Wild Parties!

The member area has a menu running down the left side of the page. You can find a list of updates for all the sites in the network, any content you've added to favorites, videos, pics live cams plus stuff to buy. You'll also find a link to what is a world class support page and further down, ads for DVDs. On the right side of the page is the latest update (with pics and links), links to a whole bunch of bonus sites, and that same list of updates you can get to from the main menu. Below that you will find iPod videos for all the network sites, and at the bottom of the page are links to any video players you may need for the site or any of the feeds.

The easiest way to get right to the party videos is to click one of the links on that latest update to the right of the main menu. It opens the College Wild Parties in a new window. This section has its own navigation, which is very simple to use. Each episode has a thumb and the date it was added to the site. On the left below the thumb is the link to pics and on the right below the thumb is the link to videos. At the bottom of each page are links to all the pages in this section.

There are 81 episodes of College Wild Parties, each with pics and videos. Each episode has its own title like Late Night Cramming or Sorority Suck Off and also shows when it was added to the site. A lot of the videos seem to start in a darkish room where a guy with a hand-held video camera is watching drunken students yelling "Yeah" at the top of their lungs or taking hits off a beer bong. In fact, the early part of some of the videos reminds me of a sort of updated "Animal House" where all the guys are trying to be John Belushi. The big difference is plenty of very explicit sex in WMV and QuickTime videos which are shown at 320x240 in 3 speeds and WMVs also at 640x480. While the video quality is amateur, this makes perfect sense for this site - check out the sample videos to see what I mean.

You may see a girl riding a guy's cock on the couch while the party goes on around them or you may see two drunken sorority girls sucking each others' tits on a dare. And I gotta say that the girls and a lot of the guys in these videos really come off as genuine college students - which, for all I know, they are. I did notice the occasional guy who was significantly over 30 acting like a drunken college student. I suppose those guys are friends of the producers ;) Anyway, the action in College Wild Parties doesn't feel scripted, which is what makes it a lot hotter and nastier than other party sites I've seen. It does get a little repetitious if you watch a lot of the movies one after another, but overall I think these are pretty good stuff.

Some of the photos here are vidcaps while others are high quality stills. How can you tell the difference? Because the vidcaps often have little tiny lines at the edges or where fast action occurs and they have less sharpness than the digital stills. In any event, I felt the photos captured the party action only to a degree since it's hard to get really exciting pics in a dark room.

In addition to the College Wild Parties videos and pics, full members also get access to some of the better bonus reality sex sites around including Milf Seeker, Back Seat Bangers and Her First Big Cock. There are 27 of these sites and they add a lot of value for members. There are also a large collection of various porn feeds to be found in the Videos, Pictures and Reading Room sections and you can see when each one updates on the main member page.

For those who like the idea of watching college girls turn into drunken sluts at beer blasts and sorority parties, College Wild Parties pulls it off pretty well. The parties are packed with people who are having a great time, and it makes the parties more realistic that not everything is about sex - although there's plenty of fucking and sucking, flashing and public pussy. This site updates 4 times per month with new parties and there are plenty of bonus sites to keep members busy between updates. If you're looking for a sex party site, I think College Wild Parties is a good one - why not check it out!

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