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College Fuck Tour

Reviewed on 09/30/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Teen
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

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First Impression:
My first impression is oh no, not another get the girl in your van and fuck her site. The tour promo text explains the site raison d’etre. "College Fuck Tour is a group of horny guys hunting for fresh college pussies just so they can fuck them in the back of their truck." Ah good it’s a truck not a bus or a van. The interesting thing is that I recognize a couple of the girls as being from Montreal where I have a minor porn profile. I have worked with two of the girls shown on the tour. What amazes me is that they would present a fairly well know porn star like Patti Petite as someone other that who she is. She is just too well known to be named here as Ashley. Like the Daily Show, that made-up news program from Comedy Central, these girls are make-believe college students. I am curious to find out what make-believe subject Patti, aka Ashley, is studying. I check her trailer. The tours says she is 19 and from Las Vegas Nevada. I click on the trailer and now it says she is 21 and from Portland Oregon. Go figure. She doesn’t say anything in the trailer except "fuck you" as she gives the finger to the guys who have just told her she got fucked for a t-shirt. Oh great, not just a knock of BangBus-type site but they are also a "trick the girl" and "shit on the girl" site. Come on guys, are you so threatened by women that this is your way of dealing with it, infantile fantasies humiliating women. It gets so tiresome. It is so juvenile. Does it speak to the demographic this type of porn is aimed at? I check out the trailer for Kerri Ann a really cute sweetie with a stud in her nose and perfect 19-year old breasts. These jerks do the same thing to her; promise her money, fuck her and then leave her in the street with a t-shirt as payment for her services. The trailer, which is a reasonable quality itself, is, we are told, compressed and we will find higher quality videos inside.

Of course I head for Patti’s video. It is divided into 8 parts. I click on part 8 and have the option of streaming it or downloading it. It steams with little buffering the quality is no better than the tour trailers. The only screen size is 320x240 pixels and there is no full version of the movie. It can only be viewed in parts. As it turns out not all the parts of the Ashley/Patti Petite movie are there. Segment 8 ends with her about to sit on one of the two cocks she is playing with. Clearly there should be more. Where is the ubiquitous facial and where is the scene where they dump here in the street with her t-shirt as payment for fucking her? The next girl I try, Asia, has 19 segments so clearly Ashley/Patti is missing a number of parts. But even Asia’s part 19 ends unexpectedly. Sure they get the facial in but the clip ends while they are talking before the she is put out of the truck. I check out Kerri Ann. She has 18 segments. The final segment finishes with her titty-fucking the guy until he jerks off in her mouth. She is then put out of the truck and when she asks where her money is they yell at her "You just got fucked for a t-shirt slut." I check another half dozen videos they all end the same way. The girl is tossed a t-shirt and told that is her prize and all she gets for letting them fuck her and cum on her face. The t-shirt says College Fuck Tour.

The images that accompany the videos are video captures and are only really interesting as a means of checking out the video. There are 38 videos in total and some of the girls are really cute and there is a reality feel to it as these people meet and fuck for the first time. It is unfortunate that each video ends with such a sophomoric finish. The mothers of these boys should pinch their ears and wash their mouths out with soap so that they learn not to call women sluts and to show some respect.

College Fuck Tour is site where some yobbos pick up surprisingly pretty pretend co-eds and then get them to strip and suck and fuck them for money and a promised prize. The prize is a t-shirt saying College Fuck Tour and it is the only payment offered as the girls are turfed out on the street while the boys speed off howling at the hilarity of the double fucking the sluts, as they call them, just got. Except for the stupid high school misanthropic ending, the videos themselves are arousing. The teen bodies are hot, as is the action. There are 38 videos, which is a reasonable amount of content. The bonus content might also appeal to those who join the site.

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