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Coeds Need Cash

Reviewed on 11/05/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: College
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.98

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Coeds Need Cash is a site that claims to have college coeds giving up pussy in exchange for book money. Since most porn girls are the same age as college girls, it's hard to know if these are young women working hard to get a degree or just young women working to get men hard. Either way, if you love the fantasy of coeds convinced to have sex with a stranger to pay her bills, join me as we take a look at the member area of Coeds Need Cash!

The member area of Coeds Need Cash is pretty easy to use. First there are navigation links at the top of the page followed by the three most recent network updates. Just beneath that is a "performer search", which is actually a model index that covers all the stars of the videos throughout the network, and is pretty handy if there are particular stars you like or want to check for. Next comes the latest update along with a small preview pic, a description of the action and links. Keep scrolling and you'll come to the rest of the exclusive updates followed by the bonus updates, links to the 24 bonus sites in the network, some live cams and some ads.

There are currently 78 exclusive movies and 24 bonus movies listed. While searching through the list of girls in the exclusive vids, I come across porn starlets Hailey Young and Tiffany Rayne, both of Throat Gaggers 9 fame and a host of other porn DVDs. There are some other familiar... er... faces there, too. Don't get me wrong - there are some girls inside Coeds Need Cash who definitely look like real amateurs, but while it's easy and fast to advertise for college girls to make porn movies, looks like the producers went for talent they could trust and known names we're all happy to see.

Each of the episodes comes with streaming clips and streaming full videos and a set of vidcaps. The newest exclusive episodes actually come with 2 sets of pics - 1 set of vidcaps and 1 set of high quality digital stills. The exclusive movies are done reality-style. A guy and his cameraman search college campuses for down-on-their-luck college cuties who could use a few extra bucks. He comes up with a variety of stories to tempt these broke coeds into joining them and the result is exactly what we expect - college girls getting their mouths and pussies stuffed with cock before a cum-dripping finale. My favorite coed is Micah. She sounds natural and exactly like a real college girl would sound but she looks a little like a porn slut, which is fine with me. I like sluts who sound like coeds.

All the vids are in WMV format, and here's a handy tip if you prefer bigger movies - go for the full movies rather than the clips. The high quality clips are shown at a screen size of 320x240 but the high quality full movies are shown at 480x360. While both are usually the same quality - namely a bitrate of 498k - that extra 160 pixels in width makes porn a lot more in your face. You can go full screen with either the clips or full vids, but you will notice a loss of quality that may well distract you from those college pussies. There are also med and low speed movies, but you definitely won't want to go full screen with those, although it is nice for dialup and really slow broadband users to have a movie option, too.

The hand held camcorder is enough to make you dizzy at the start of most of the movies. The guy holding it just keeps moving it around till you may feel like you're riding a bucking bronco, but don't worry - once we get down to business, and I DO mean sex, the camcorder ends up on a tripod and it's easy to focus on the girls taking off their clothes, sucking cocks and getting fucked.

If you're looking for regular updates Coeds Need Cash has them but you'll have to scroll up and down from the exclusive videos to the bonus videos to find 'em. For example, in September there was only 1 Coeds Need Cash exclusive updates but there were 5 bonus updates. I checked a couple out and they're just regular teen porn with no college theme. True, one of the episodes they named College Slut, but that seems to be wishful thinking. Any girl from 18 to 23 could be a college girl - but in reality, most aren't. And this month, which is over, there were 3 exclusive updates and no bonus updates. So while this site does update every month, how much it is updated varies and how much it is updated with college girl porn is anyone's guess.

The bonus sites are a pretty sweet deal here. They're original sites in the same network rather than paid third-party feeds. Teen porn lovers will be happy to know that there are 3 teen sites in the network. There is also a black teen site, several reality sites, a squirting site, big tits, wife sex and more. It's actually a pretty hot collection of hardcore porn videos that claims to offer 1042 exclusive movies and 1327 bonus movies which works out to over 200 hours of fucking and sucking and a whole lotta monthly updates.

Coeds Need Cash offers just over 100 videos at this time, 78 of which are shot for the site. The videos can be watched as full movies or clips and the quality is about average for porn sites. Each movie comes with pics and there is also plenty of bonus sites to keep you stroking between updates. While Coeds Need Cash updates are not added all that regularly, there's enough episodes to be worth joining for and there are updates each month. Whether you have a college girl fantasy or just want access to a huge porn network, be sure to check out Coeds Need Cash!

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