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Cock Loving Moms

Reviewed on 07/06/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.6

Main: Milf

2 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
Ever wonder what horny moms do when they need some cock? What would they do to get a ride when their car is broken down? Just how horny is your average mom? Does she cheat on her hubby? Well there is a site that answers all these questions you might have and more and its' called Cock Loving Moms! Full of hot and sexy moms in the horniest time of their lives, this site has episode after episode of mature women fucking and sucking like demons! This site promises all kinds of horny mature moms who love hardcore sex! From soccer moms to lonely housewives, they're here for you to enjoy.

Cock Loving Moms has an unusual set-up in the fact that is so easy to navigate around the site. Only a handful of buttons at the top of the members area page, the episodes and that's it! It's not too often that you see a site that is as clean as this one. The page scrolls up and down and is very compact in its presentation. Getting to the sex hungry moms is pretty simple - just move down the page and click on the thumb of a model and a page will open up with five thumbs and a download link.

Ok, now let's get technical here. The site offers two styles of movie to watch: wmv and mpg, the newer videos being wmv and the older ones mpg. For example, Rebecca is a wmv, (one of the newest mom videos), streams in at 696k and is approximately 24 minutes long. Screen size is 320 x 240. They are good amateur quality with decent sound but if you blow them up to two times their size they start to lose their resolution. Angela's video is an mpg and seems to be one of the earlier movies. This one has a file size of about 181 MB at 320 x 240 pixel size, also. The older mpegs have various sizes and download times and have good picture quality. There are 12 models on 12 pages which equals 144 cock loving moms!

At the top of the members page there some links to bonus stuff and some of it is pretty cool like "our exclusive content", the "DVD archive", and "bonus sites" Lots of stuff to check out here and you will probably get lost for hours and hours. These links cover a variety of sexual topics in case you get tired of watching steamy, explosive, dynamic, hot sex from horny, mature, cock craving moms. But why would you get tired of all that?

Cock Loving Moms has all the ingredients of a super cool site with one exception - no pictures in the original content area. This site seems to have a good focus on moms here and I'm not talking about 18 year old stripper moms either, but real, dyed in the wool, fully mature mothers, with years of sucking and fucking experience under their belts and their clothes, too! Also as I was reviewing this site two new models appeared! The updates don't have a date on them but the models seem to show up pretty quick. Cock Loving Moms has a good clean layout, easy to find content, great bonus stuff, no stupid ads or other bullshit, just pages and pages of mature models to enjoy. If you like moms sucking cocks, why not check the site out!

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