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Club Vanessa Blue

Reviewed on 06/18/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 6.7

Main: Black
Additional: Porn stars, Big tits

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I have never heard of her but I am sure many have. She says that she has created Club Vanessa Blue "for all her fans that love her and her movies". Vanessa Blue is an attractive black woman with a very ample bosom. She also says she has "huge double F cup boobies". I sure won't dispute that. They look huge to me and they also look natural. The site itself has the appearance of some others I reviewed recently that belong to BrainCash. They are vehicles to carry the content of a couple of DVDs. They would not qualify for consideration as pay sites themselves, but as an entry to a large network of quality sites with diverse content, they merit consideration. BrainCash has been around long enough to have built up a huge archive that more than offsets the limited content available in these quickly and easily put together pseudo pay sites. My guess is we will not find many more Vanessa Blue videos that the 15 featured in the tour. So if you are really a Vanessa Blue fan that might be disappointing.

Well my guess proves quite accurate. The site contains exactly the 15 videos previewed in the promotional tour. There is no diary as there is on many of the solo girl sites in the BrainCash corral. Instead there is a survey that asks, "What would you guys like me to do? Play with my favorite dildos? Get two big studs to fuck me? Or, invite my girlfriends and have a lesbo orgy?" I am betting on the two big studs. Yup. That choice leads the next highest rated by over 250 votes. My question is, does it matter? Is this a site that will be updated? It would be interesting to come back in 6 months and have a look.

The site does contain a real photo section with 7 photo shoots. They are 600x800 pixels and vary from 29 to 113 images in a set. There is a neat slide feature that advances images every 5 seconds. It would be nice is there were some way to advance the images manually while in the slide function.

Twelve of the fifteen videos are solo scenes of Vanessa Blue and her dildo. I am not a fan of solo dildo masturbation and in fact I don't like dildos much at all. If you are going to insert a cock-like instrument in your pussy or mouth or anus why not make it the real thing. I imagine that fans of a porn star like Vanessa Blue might be a tad disappointed to find that she has only three "hard scenes on the site". She does have a very hot double penetration video where two muscular guys hoist her in the air, each with a cock in one of her lower orifices. She sure isn't afraid of cum. She jerks both guys off into her mouth, a huge smile on her face as she savors their essence. In another video she spend a good two minutes playing with her mouth full of cum, pulling it out off her tongue and spreading it across her face, fingers and breasts like long strands of a some gooey spider web.

The movies are a reasonable size and look ok on the full screen setting. There is no full version of the movie available. It must be viewed in the segments provided in either wmv or mpg format. Video captures of all the movies are available and can be downloaded as a zip file.

Vanessa Blue is a black porn star with a huge chest. This site will be of interest to fans of hers though they will be disappointed by the limited content actually featuring her. There are only 15 videos and 7 photosets. On the plus side, membership in her site entitles access to hours of adult entertainment with lots of good quality content found in the other sites of the BrainCash network.

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