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Cinema Erotique

Reviewed on 02/02/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 10
Overall: 7.8

Main: Movies
Additional: Erotic

14 Days: $15.00
1 Month: $20.00
3 Months: $30.00

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First Impression:
Cinema Erotique is a site dedicated to doing porn in their own way. Their way seems to include a lot of artistic fantasy, film noire lighting, and is sure to interest anyone who is looking for something more than the same old porn. This is also more romantic porn, suitable for couples to watch together or for women as well as for guys. But don't worry - it IS porn and there's plenty of wet pussies, girls masturbating and playing with each other and some good old-fashioned fucking.

The best thing about Cinema Erotique is the movies themselves. They are fucking hot, they are beautiful, and they made me horny. Unfortunately the navigation is not as wonderful as the movies - it took a little unraveling, and don't try to browse this site if your monitor brightness is turned down or you may not see the links.

At this time there are 22 full movies and 22 strip tease movies. If you want to see all of them, be sure and look for the rather subtle NEXT links below the listings. There is also a section called the Editing Room, a site welcome which includes info on playing the movies and links to download the players. There is also a contact link and a link page with a few sites listed. The menu is on the upper right side of the page, and if you are in 800x600 you will have to scroll to see it.

It's nice to see movies where the women having sex don't just yell "Oh yeah, oh yeah" over and over. I watched a movie called Deep End where the sex was so real and the woman and the man were so excited and so passionate and so into fucking each other that it was like watching a real couple - which, for all I know, they are. The touching, the kissing, the true sexuality will really appeal to anyone who likes some intimacy as well as plenty of hot steamy banging.

The movies are WMVs and come in 2 qualities. The high resolution videos are shown at 640x360. These vids are great quality, streaming over 2000 kbps and shot in widescreen. They look very good if you enlarge them to full screen, too. Each video also comes in a low resolution version, shown at 352x200 and streaming at around 500 kbps. Although a little on the small side, the low resolution vids still look pretty good when enlarged to 200%. The movies can be streamed or downloaded to watch later and they use no DMR.

The Strip Tease movies are shown at the same sizes and qualities, and show some amateur girls with very nice bodies slowly getting out of their clothes to a variety of tunes. After they are naked, the girls dance and move their bodies. They're a good warmup for the action movies and they're almost like having your own private strip club.

The Editing Room is definitely interesting. Beside linking to reviews of the site, you can see and hear previews of the movies that are in production. At the moment, you can hear 2 songs from Cinema Erotique's up-and-coming Porn: The Musical. You can also see what scripts are under development and waiting for director Cherry Chapman to turn them into sex movies.

Cinema Erotique is porn with a touch of art film - in fact, a touch of class. Even though I've seen more expensive productions, these are definitely videos to download and enjoy. The sex is the most real I've ever seen in a movie and the quality of the videos is very nice. Add that to an unusually low price and Cinema Erotique is a site that any lover of erotica should be sure not to miss!

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