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Chocolate Milk Juggs

Reviewed on 06/14/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.3

Main: Black
Additional: Big tits

3 Day Trial: $4.97 (recurs at $34.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of the site Chocolate Milk Juggs - at least they spelled "chocolate" right. This is a black big tit hardcore site. I'll give the outside of this site credit, they focus heavily on their theme - big ebony breasts abound, the disembodied header boobs are almost creepy but the women here are amateur black chicks with big tits and some are hot. I don't really dig the way there's a million join links but only 1 tiny members area link at the very bottom of the page, though.

The members area is one of those low rent, slapped together numbers with most of this site all found on this single page. In fact, the only pages in this site not found here are the actual episodes themselves. No personality anywhere really, not even descriptive text. I know they think they've got a cute site name, but brown everywhere gets stale fast. Site design comes off poorly, the layout is all about scrolling down, it's not perfect with network updates before site episodes, but it's not difficult to use - there's also a navbar at the top that jumps you down the page. Under the bonus sites section are ads, ads, and more ads, and if that weren't enough, there's 2 more links in the navbar that are - you guessed it - more fuckin' ads! That said, there may be a lot of ads but they're not in your way.

The models are all black (obviously), all have big natural tits, and range from very attractive on down. The body types range as well, mostly varying from healthy to chubby. Most, if not all, of the models are shown in the outside tour. The episodes all seem to start with a hosing down, whether it's outdoors in a pool or inside in a bathtub. This is great if you like big, wet tits. Then the girls all get dried off and down to hardcore action. The videos run about 30 to 40 minutes total each, though for some unknown reason the in-browser MPEG versions are shorter (more on that in a moment).

There are currently 18 videos on this site. It's not clear how often new updates arrive, the only date listed is for when the next one will be added, but without knowing when the last one was added, that doesn't tell me enough. It's also not a good sign that the upcoming video is dated 17 days from now.

Videos here come in 3 sizes of WMV format and a single size of MPEG - but be warned, the regular play-in-browser MPEGs are not full length clips due to some sort of coding error, only the "play from your computer" link versions will go the full clip length. The large WMVs are 400x300 and run around 1131kbps bitrate; there's also medium WMVs, 400x300 at 666kbps; and small WMVs, 320x240 at 382kbps. The MPEGs are 365x300. All the formats and speeds play smoothly. If you're looking to go full screen, the large WMVs are your best choice as they look only slightly pixilized.

Video quality is generally decent for the size, detail is acceptable and lighting is fine. One thing that bugs me though is the fish-eye when it gets up close. Yes, it makes certain body parts appear bigger but it looks freaky especially when the camera pans up to the model's face without backing away, turning her into a freak - it's not really overwhelming here but it does become an issue on occasion. Sound is alright, but it is set very low so you'll need crank the volume.

Each episode also has a photo set, so there are 18 galleries, with about 50 to 100 photos each. The photos are large video captures, 750x563 and around 100kb each. They look alright actually, just don't think about the fact that it means they have larger videos they're not sharing with the rest of us. The galleries aren't much to look at, but they do have a simple slideshow option.

Bonuses with your membership is access to 36 other sites on their network. They're mainly various hardcore niches, and roughly the same site qualities. A few of the sites offered are also similar niches.

Negatives starts with this being a site that no one put any time into. There's no descriptions, the videos are kinda small, the members area is cruddy. Then there's the MPEGs not working quite as well, that's charming. Also, there's the lack of update dates, sure we know what's coming next, but how long will I have to wait for that? Finally, the server is a little pokey, it's not terrible but it is a little slower so pictures and buffering take an extra beat or so.

Chocolate Milk Juggs isn't a great-looking site, but it does stick to its theme pretty darn well. Some of the models are hot, and you can see most of the girls on the outside of the site, which is always a plus. There aren't many episodes here at this time, and they seem to be slow with new updates. Videos basically look decent, although sound is too quiet, and they are on the small side. Members also get access to a good number of bonus sites. Overall, this is a mixed review, the models are what's claimed and there's probably 8 hours of porn here, but there's not enough episodes or regular updates and the videos aren't as big as I'd like, so I'll say Chocolate Milk Juggs is worth a quick look, and I give it only a mild recommendation.

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