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Chloe 18

Reviewed on 07/15/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.3

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The single girl reality site niche is big right now with all kinds of chicks coming out of the woodwork and onto the internet. One wonders what makes a girl get naked, play with her girl friends or herself in front of the camera to be shown all over the World Wide Web. Our single girl, Chloe, moved to California from Ohio and on a whim started her site to help fund her college tuition by doing nasty and crazy stuff and taking pictures and videos of her doing it. Her site, Chloe 18, is your personal invitation into her world.

The first look at the members content page of Chloe 18 shows a smooth design that's easy on the eyes. It's a good arrangement of colors that aren't jarring to look at and the page is easy to move through and contains no blinking ads. Top of the page has some navigational links: "Home", "Pictures", "Videos", and "Extra stuff". There is also a small intro where Chloe, who just turned 18, thanks us for becoming members and hopes that we will enjoy the pictures -with love and kisses, of course.

A little farther down the page we are shown a table with six sites that require a "vip" membership, which it turns out is the membership I already have since I was easily able to log into all six sites. Just below that is the members archive.

The area of the page set aside for the members archive has three vertical boxes at the left and one big box off to the right. Each of the three boxes has its own link in it: "My Latest Pictures", "My Latest Videos", and "Live Shows". The large box to the right contains links to four of Chloe's must-see friends (four of the same girls from the six sites mentioned above) and you can use your Chloe 18 username and password to go right on in to the content. Just below this box are some bonus sites, a link to "my live show" and ads for some "highly recommended premium sites". All of these things are also accessible from the navigation links at the top of the page.

Starting off with the pictures we are sent to the first pics page showing the latest picture update and links to seven archive pages, each with six episodes on each page. Each episode links to the gallery containing between 36 and 63 pictures. These pictures are pretty fucking big and will fill your screen at 1024 x 768 with sharp digital detail showing Chloe's tight 18 year old body and her various girlfriends' bodies excellently. The pics range in size from 1400 x 1050 down to 1229 x 992 and are well lit, well composed, and executed with very good quality. These pics quality goes down somewhat when you dig further into the archives, but not by much.

Chloe 18 has a video collection comprised of her and her friends helping her earn her college tuition through their enjoyment of frolicking, masturbation and hot lesbian sex. Chloe's friends are very cute 18 and 19 year old girls and some of them are the same chicks you'll find in the bonus sites. These videos are accessed through one of the video links in the menus and go to a gallery menu showing the latest video updates and links to seven archive pages, each with six video episodes.

Each episode is offered in six streamable 384k or 768k wmv clips, six downloadable 768k mpg clips, and a "full movie download" 768k mpg option. The 384k wmv's actually stream at 700k and at their screen size of 400 x 300 looks pretty good. Unfortunately 700k is too big for dial-up and slow speed DSL/ISDN users and will bog down their computers. The 768k wmv's actually stream at 991k with a screen size of 640 x 480 at above average quality. The older 768k wmv's are shown at 720 x 480 which is nice and large. The mpg clips are a smaller screen size of 352x263 but still look good blown up 2x. Nice!

Beside the bonus sites listed in Chloe 18 consisting of 6 more reality single girl sites plus 3 bonus sites, you can find a collection of bonus content in the Extra Stuff menu.

Chloe 18 also features a decent amount of bonus content listed under the extra stuff link at the top of the page. These sites feature a whole variety of interesting topics to choose from and most are accessed through links called "Pornstar portal", "Ethnic portal", "Voyeur portal" and so on. Chloe's Toystore is also there as well as Video on Demand and four of Chloe's cute teen friends - April, Topanga, Summer and Trixie - are all ready and easily accessible.

There are two small things that stand out negatively here for me. The bonus sites are linked in several different places almost as if they were different sites. Also Chloe 18 only offers videos in two formats rather than the three stated on the tour page.

As far as single girl reality porn goes, Chloe 18 hits its mark with pictures and videos of a single everyday college girl named Chloe who likes to show off and have lesbian sex for all to see. She goes hiking, does chores, goes roller skating, plays tennis, studies her schoolwork and brings a cameraman along with her everywhere she goes! The digital stills are sharper than average, the movies are better quality than you'd expect, and the extras are a nice plus.

Chloe 18 adds a nice personal touch with little bits of text here and there written by her (or for her) and either way it's a nice connection to an oversexed, struggling college student trying to make it in the world. Chloe 18 is worth joining and will hopefully continue to update her site and find new friends and exciting places to fuck them in.

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