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Cherry Potter

Reviewed on 07/31/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.3

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Cherry Potter is a cute 19 year old from Canada who likes to show off and has decided to make an amateur website of her own. She has filmed a bunch of movies and had pictures taken of her doing wild sex acts for the camera with herself and her friends for all of us to see. Let's go ahead and enter the members area of her site and see what she has to show us.

The site has a clean members area and at the top of the page there are some links for site navigation. Scrolling down the page you'll find the latest videos are on the left, latest pictures in the middle and off to the right of the page are latest diary entries and live shows. At the bottom of the page we find the same navigation links as we found up top plus some legal stuff. No ads or other bs, just a neat easy-to-use members page.

Cherry has medium length brown hair, brown eyes, tattoos, and a slim and slender 19 year old body. She doesn't speak English too well and has a heavy French accent when she tries to speak English, which is pretty hot if you love girls with accents. The settings for the sex include a wide variety of location including from bathtubs, Czech hotel rooms, the beach, various bedrooms, et cetera - all the usual spots one has sex with one's self or with friends.

Cherry Potter features 12 videos which are quite easy to find and have small descriptions, include a couple of thumbs, what's happening in the shoot, a cast of actors, the length of each video, and the quantity of pictures - all very informative. The dates and frequency of updates - whether past, present or future - is not made available to us.

The 12 videos in Cherry Potter are served up in clips of 2 formats: WMV and MPG. You can watch at your choice of hi speed or lo speed. Hi speed offers you WMV's at 700kbps and MPG's at 650kbps while lo speed offers you WMV's at 56kbps, 128kbps, and an MPG at 350kbps. There is no DRM here and for the most part the videos play as smooth as their stream rate allows. The screen sizes are 240x180 to 480x360 in WMV format, and 219x160 to 321x240 in MPG format.

The quality of the videos can best be described as average amateur material, lower quality when seen in the slower speeds or when blown up 200%, but clear and cohesive when viewed at 100% in the higher speeds. The lighting seems to be "natural" meaning if there were lights in the room then they were turned on, if the sun was out that day then they used it but if not, then they used that, too. The sound seems to have come from the microphone in the camera. Other than maybe a tripod, no studio equipment appears to have been used in the making of the videos. The composition, on the other hand, is better as the camera operator definitely is trying and often comes up with good shots and mixes up the variety of angles. He or she zooms in and out when appropriate and focuses on the action or when someone is talking.

Cherry has 42 sets of pictures. There are 28 to 149 pictures are in each set and they are offered as individual pictures, a slideshow, or downloadable zip files. These are digital stills shot in a studio or on location by a photographer who often uses lighting and creative sets in the shoots. The pics make Cherry look like what she is - an amateur hottie who loves showing off. The photos generally measure 800x600 px and are in either vertical or horizontal format. Some of the pictures are a little fuzzy or out of focus but most are quite sharp.

Vidcaps are also offered for each movie and are found with the video clips. These vidcaps are just that - captures of the movies that’d retain all of the movies' previously mentioned attributes.

There are 36 bonus sites tucked away for members of Cherry Potter and they are found under a little link at the very top of the members' page that says "sites". The content ranges from the pornstar sites like Peter North and Lex Steele to general hardcore sites and some more single girl sites like this one. There is enough to keep members very busy to when looking for lots of porn. Cherry Potter also has a diary with 10 entries, a live cam section with no schedule, and 2 DVD’s for sale in her store.

As I see it, one of the main negatives here is the fact that there just aren't enough updated exclusive videos, plain and simple. A little more output here would be most appreciated. The amount of bonus sites found here offer you more variety and choices with several single girl sites as well. The live cam section is empty save for links to 2 other livecam feeds, and the site loads slow. Could it be that all the bits and bytes are cold and tired from their long journey from the frozen north? The price is also a bit high for just 12 exclusive videos but is reasonable if you're looking for access to a large collection of sites.

Cherry Potter offers a view into the active sex life of a 19 year old Canadian teen as she shows us her sexual adventures with some amateur videos and a lot of pictures. She is slim and pretty and seems to have a nice personality. Getting around her site is easy enough, finding the content is simple, and no annoying ads were found. Video quality is amateur and the vidcaps are cut from the movies. The picture sets are much better with brighter lighting, sharpness, and more attention to composition, making these a cut above the rest of the exclusive content. While the site is rather pricy, 36 bonus sites round out the package and offer a stimulating change of pace. Why not check out Cherry Potter if you want to know more about the site?

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