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Cheerleader Auditions

Reviewed on 06/23/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Uniforms

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80

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First Impression:
I am trying to remember back to the cheerleader in high school who I use to fantasize about. Oh yeah, I see her clearly now. The white bloomers under the short cheerleader outfit, I see them almost as clearly now as I could then, masturbating to the remembered glimpse or maybe even the imagined glimpse of that white exotic territory. This is a huge male fantasy and judging from the photos on the promotional tour, those of us that like to see girls in cheerleader outfits will not be disappointed. The tour offers several trailers. I click on the one for a girl name Meadow. She is a cute young blonde who is flashing a peep of her white panties. The trailer can be viewed at two speeds. I select the DSL option and very quickly the video begins to stream on my video player in a large 640x480 pixel format. The sound is harsh and the image is not great. It looks as though a smaller format has been enlarged. Nevertheless the action is what I think we want to see on this site, cheerleaders sucking cock and getting fucked. In this particular case meadow is excitedly handling the attention of two guys, one who has a very long cock. In fact the front page of the tour covers probably the main fantasies we have of cheerleaders. What could be better than cheerleader on cheerleader? I am anxious to get inside and revive my teenage fantasies. Where did I put the Jergens and Kleenex tissues?

I am welcomed by a message telling me the site is best viewed on a 1024x786 pixel screen and here to click if I have trouble. Happily that is what I am viewing it on but I am a little disconcerted to be so prominently advised of where to go if I have trouble. This, in the past, has usually meant I will have trouble. The first video is Red a very pretty looking young woman with the appropriately colored hair. We are told she passed her oral (snicker, snicker) and that she doesn't talk much in her audition. There are links to photos and video. I click the photos first. The photos link takes me to the videos of Red but there is another link to photos. There are 66 one-minute clips available in large and small format. When I left click they do not stream so I right click and download them to my hard drive. If I want there are 13 longer segments I can view in wmv format. These are available for dsl/cable or 56k. I click the dsl/cable expecting it to stream like the trailer did. My media player pops up with a dialogue box requesting my username and password. I enter them and click. I then get another box popping up from media player saying a license is required to play the content and I am asked if I am sure I want to open the Website to obtain the license. I click yes. A license acquisition box opens. It is filled with gibberish and sits there forever acquiring the license. I give up. I try to download the file by right clicking. It downloads but then demands the license and the same thing happens. I am never able to view the wmv files and waste hours trying to determine what the problem is. I have a friend try. She is able to view the wmv files. I don't know what the problem is for me. I have the most current MSN Explorer and windows media player. Because my friend was able to view I will not give the site a complete thumbs down. This is a warning though. Others may experience the same problem.

I download the one-minute clips of Red. She is a really cute girl who seems to me to talk quite a bit, contrary to the text written about her. She didn't bring her panties so she exposes herself when she does her kicks. Soon to make sure she gets the cheerleading position she is giving the two guys interviewing her, blowjobs. She is fucked in the pussy and ass and takes one load of cum on her ass and another on sweet face. The video was fine but I am not willing to spend time downloading one-minute clips. I can only hope the other videos are of similar quality to the assortment I sampled. If the wmv files do not play for you I would ask for my money back. There is no complete version of the videos available. They are 320x240 pixels. I click on the exclusive photos section for Red. There are five pages of real photos taken at the time of the video shoot. These are not video captures.

Cheerleader Auditions has many hours of video of cute girls in cheerleader costumes. I counted 24 videos; some are an hour or more in duration. There are 3-5 pages of photos for each shoot (533x800 pixels). There are no full versions of the movies available. The streaming function did not work for me and I could not get the longer wmv segments to work at all while they worked fine for a friend of mine on her computer. I don't understand why the wmv trailer in the promo would work but the wmv files on site would not. And while I do not have this problem with other sites I did encounter it for the other reality sites that are a bonus for members of this site. If you can see the longer versions of the videos I think you will enjoy this site and its many bonus sites. If you are stuck downloading the 1-minute segments, you will experience the frustrations I had with this site.

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