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Cash Strapped Teens

Reviewed on 08/29/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 1
Overall: 4.3

Main: Teen

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Hi! I'm Eddie, and I'll be your reviewer for a site called Cash Strapped Teens. The idea here is to find out what average teen girls will do for a little extra money. How far will they go for quick cash? Will they fuck and suck on camera for some spending money to get them out of a jam? How much or how little dough will it take to get them on all fours with a hard cock in their mouths? Let's go ahead and enter the members’ area of Cash Strapped Teens and find out.

Here we are at the main members’ page. Let's focus on the center of this page first because that's where you'll find the exclusive content. Thumbs and small descriptions accompany 3 episodes followed by 6 more thumbs with no descriptions just below that. At the bottom of the page you'll find a banner dump full of flickering annoyance. Now off to the left of the page you'll see navigation links, bonus sites, girl of the week, featured mpeg, live chat, and a toy store. Adult toys, that is. Off to the right side of the members page we find "members choice" which is just more bonus site stuff. Actually the navigation around this site is a bit messy but I have seen worse and also keep in mind that you'll be using the back button in your browser as links to "home" are few and far between.

Amateur gals and guys is what we're looking at here at Cash Strapped Teens - no centerfold models or super studs, just plain ordinary folk out to fuck on camera. Not surprisingly it seems that the teens on this site will fuck and suck any guy in sight for quick spending money - enough cash to fix a car, or to finance a new tattoo. Gentlemen, good thing times are tough! After the pitch is made these chicks get down in the nearest bedroom or couch available and it looks like between $400 to $700 and a hard cock will seal the deal. Nothing kinky or weird goes on in the scenes here - just the standard porn shoot roster of positions ending with a money shot on the face of the cash strapped teen.

16 videos fill the content library and none of them have any dates on them. The video format is WMV and the screen size is 320x240. Streaming rate is 520k and dial-up users may have a hard time with this. The clips generally run about 2 minutes in length and have a full download option which is also a WMV. DRM ain't on this site, and once the movies are hooked up they run pretty well. Another nice feature is navigation on the clips that lets you move directly to the next clip when done with the one that you are currently watching.

When talking about video quality, amateur is the word here. Sound, lighting, composition all fall into this category and the shots and scenes follow this path as well. Natural lighting and on-camera sound contribute to an organic and earthy feel to these movies and give them real street cred. Choice of angles and whether to go wide or pull tight with the camera lens seems to happen off the cuff but is generally acceptable and functional as well.

Cash Strapped Teens has some picture content to look at and these photographs are digital stills. They vary in number from set to set but generally average from 149 to 276 pictures for each model. Quality is average amateur but some attempt was made to take decent photographics of the shoots here. They start out with some posing, then go to the stripping and proceed to the action straight from there. Size averages about 1014x676px and lighting is also amateur.

Off to the far left and the far right of the members page members have access to a large amount of bonus content that runs the gamut of internet porn offerings from Anal Sex Lessons to Lesbian Recruiters to Moms Need Cash... you get the picture. Working your way through the sheer number of plugin feeds and bonus sites can be a bit daunting but with perseverance I know that you'll make it through just fine. There are a couple of upsells here and there but if you find one just move on the next site or feed.

A couple of things are wrong here at Cash Strapped Teens. Number one is the lack of exclusive content and the site's high price - about $2.48 per video - which isn't a deal. 16 videos isn't a lot of content and the site owners offset this defect by dumping a big pile of non-exclusive bonus content on us to make up for it. While that might be a nice idea because it is for the most part bonus content, I would come here for exclusive videos of Cash Strapped Teens, not for a bunch of plug-in feeds. I also didn't like the banner farm at the bottom of the main members page, and to me this is member abuse and gives the industry a bad rap.

Cash Strapped Teens has a cool idea - amateur teens fucking for quick cash - and decent navigation of the core content area. You'll find amateur quality videos and pictures and a big selection of bonus content to help the site. Tricky navigation of the bonus content plagues us as well as a banner farm on the members’ page. Once again the site falls short on the amount of exclusive, original content because there just ain't enough of it here. I would suggest passing this one up for something better because for the price of this one you could join 2 other sites and buy a six pack of cold beer.

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