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Reviewed on 2007-11-08 by Frank




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First Impression:
Butts and Blacks, or more accurately "white butts and blacks" is yet another interracial site. This is a Brazzers network site and like so many of the Brazzers’ sites that I have reviewed their tours make you wonder what they think of the intelligence of their prospective members. Clearly from the women depicted in the generous four page tour this is a blacks on whites’ site. There is just one woman who would appear to be partially black yet the headline proclaiming the sites theme is "Huge Ghetto Booties Getting Fucked By Big Black Dicks!" There is not one ghetto bootie in the tour. A big butt is not a ghetto booty. It has to be a big black butt to be a ghetto booty. Do these guys even know what a ghetto is? This is a minor irritation but it seems to be almost a hallmark of the carelessness with which Brazzers approaches their tours; male doctors fucking their patients on a site supposedly devoted to female doctors fucking their patients, a pornstar renowned for her implants on a site boasting only natural breasts, supposed first-time amateurs who actually appear in dozens of porn videos. And half the assorted asses of the tour are in fact not big, which is fine by me but may be less appealing to those who are really into big butts.

I am not sure what the appeal is of these interracial sites. Is to see the former taboo of a black man with a white woman, (you can hear the earth rumble as dead southern segregationists turn over and spin in their graves)? Or is to see women assaulted by the biggest cocks on the net and it seems that the biggest cocks invariably belong to black guys (Where is the new John Holmes?)

Butts and Blacks has ample exclusive content with 69 scenes at the moment. It is still being updated, about two updates a month it looks like, with the last update being Nov 8, 2007. This review is being written November 5, 2007. Like all the other Brazzers sites you get the fastest downloads on the net. Quality of the videos is good to very good. You can stream or download the videos in whole or in parts including one minute segments. Videos are available as MPG or WMV files. There are high quality pictures as well as video captures for each shoot.

The site is chock a block with big good looking black dicks so one wonders why they would include an obvious fake dick. If Dexter’s fraudulent appendage in his 3-way with Hottie, Tristan and Whitney serves any purpose it is perhaps to indicate that the ratings may be real. Until this point I just assumed that the ratings assigned to each video were bogus, but with a rating of only 3 on a 10 point scale it seems that other viewers are as offended as I am by the inclusion of this video. Most of the ratings for other videos are in the 7 and 8 region. Rebecca Linares receives a 7.86 rating for example but I give her a 9. She is a very pretty brunette with a beautiful bubble butt and one of those perfect oyster shaped pussies that is ploughed by a real big black dick. I love her happy smiley face. She seems to thoroughly enjoy herself throughout the shoot, even the massive facial at the end. Ricky White on the other hand receives a rating of 8.67. Maybe it is her posterior which does approach ghetto booty proportions or maybe it is the fact that she does anal while Rebecca does not.

I actually like this site. I am not a fan of overly large rear ends and I don’t find that any of the women fall really into that category. There certainly is a wide variety (pun unintended) of female backsides, enough to satisfy a broad (pun maybe intended) range of interests in that aspect of the female anatomy. And there is enough anal penetration for individuals drawn to a Butt site in anticipation of that.

Butts and Blacks can be added to the many more than acceptable sites you will find within the Brazzers network. It has a significant amount of exclusive black on white content and the site continues to be updated regularly. There are no true ghetto booties to be found here and only one example of a faux dick. Members will find here lots of big black cocks and some truly delightful posteriors. The women are generally very attractive and the sexual interaction is similar to that found on the other Brazzers sites, that is to say, consistent and reliable if not particularly imaginative.

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