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Reviewed on 10/20/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.5

Main: Big tits

2 Day Trial: $2.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $24.95
3 Months: $49.95

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First Impression:
I like breasts. I like big breasts. But a site that says "we have the biggest tits in the world" may be over the top. Happily none of the women in the tour comes anywhere near approaching the gargantuan globes of would be Guinness record holders. That is not to say that there are not some very big breasts here in deed. Browse the extensive multi page tour and you will see that they have gathered together an excellent selection of over-endowed women. While I wouldn’t describe these as the biggest tits in the world they definitely do have some bragging rights. And most seem to have real breasts. The obvious fakes really do stand out, pun intended. There are preview videos sprinkled throughout the first few pages of the tour for. Unfortunately there is not one for Anya a naturally buxom brunette beauty who catches my eye. It looks like she has caught the eye of numerous others. Each scene is rated and she has received a 9.5 from 771 views. If true, and I always suspect everything I read in web sites, that is very high praise indeed. Fortunately I have the log-in so I will go have a closer look at her and let you know what the rest of the site is like.

Anya is now neither in the top rated nor the top favorites. This is one of 17 sites in the Brazzers network. I have reviewed several of the sites that are bonus sites for members of Bustyz. You can jump to anyone of the bonus sites in an instant. There are seventy plus videos on eight pages which is sufficient quantity for any pay site particularly if it is exclusive content as you find here. Additionally I can tell you that if there is a common feature in the other three sites in the network that I have reviewed, it is that almost all the women have more than ample bosoms. The last site of theirs I reviewed actually featured women with naturally large breasts, Busty and Real. Lovers of large breasts can rest assured that the tempting top-heavy lovelies here are only the first dish in a bountiful buffet of big-boobed beauties.

I begin with the latest update, a woman with huge natural hooters, Terry. Today is Oct 20, 2007 and Terry’s update is Sept 26. It has been nearly a month since the last update which stands out because there were four updates in September. There are good quality still pictures as well as video captures and the video can watched as one minute clips or can be downloaded in 5 large segments or whole as either a WMV file or an MPG file. By clicking on "Watch Now" the one minute or larger segments or the whole movie can be streamed as a flash file. The flash version is excellent quality on a large screen and I am guessing is only going to be available in the newest updates. The flash loads instantly due no doubt to the very fast download speeds sustained by this site, consistently in excess of 750 kb/s. Terry is a pretty young woman with a stupendous superstructure that is undoubtedly going to plague her with backaches through her life. Her lovely pillowy breasts are pilloried by a penis and remain appropriately the center of attention throughout the video. The scene finishes this a nice facial with sperm dribbled on to her glistening breasts as she smiles happily into the camera.

With my next selection, Ginger I take the breast size down a notch. Ginger is a dark haired beauty amply endowed. She gets me hard stripping and playing with her breasts and nipples until a guy with a large erection arrives to do what I would like to do, take one of those luscious melons in my mouth. The poses are selected to enhance our viewing of her full breasts and erect nipples bouncing up and down as she bends over and vigorously sucks cock for example. The scene finishes like Terry’s with her jerking the guy’s cock off into her mouth and then letting his cum dribble on to her breasts.

The next model is my favorite. She has a body that is almost worth the price of admission. Her name is Busty Simi and as her name implies she is in appropriate company with the other ladies of this site but unlike the first two women viewed, her huge natural breasts sit atop a slim fit body. Just before leaving I try Martina the April 25 2007 update just to see if the flash version is available. It isn’t. The "watch movie" links to a wavy file that is good quality on large screen but inferior to the flash version of the newest updates.

Bustyz is a big breast site that is part of a network of 17 sites that itself could be described as a big breast network. That is to say that you will find more than enough exclusive big-breasted sexual content on this site and the others you have access to, to keep you aroused for months.

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