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Busty Christy

Reviewed on 02/14/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.5

Main: Single model
Additional: Big tits

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is on This is a "single girl" site as it focuses on the titular Christy, though a lot of the episodes are her doing the lesbian thing - which doesn't work when the model is alone. The site is chiefly Christy flashing, stripping, and having sex with other girls on camera both indoors and outside.

The first thing I have to mention about navigating this site is the members link is buried way down the bottom of the long tour page - nice to feel welcome. Upon entering my username/password, I'm greeted with an annoying page asking for my name, nickname, email address, and which site I joined - yeah, like I really want to have to deal with that sort of shit - and after that, am I at the site I'm looking for? No, now I get to see that I have a new message in their system and some other crap to wade through while trying to clicking on my site.

Finally inside the actual site I was looking for, the page is a little dense but everything's here and direct now, there's a big header and under that - as well as at the bottom of the page - is a navigation bar which links to everything except the bonus material - it turns out that's what all the stuff before the site was about, but more on that later. Getting around in the various sections isn't too bad, but the photo galleries don't link to their corresponding videos if that matters to you. Also, above each page is a flash navigation bar for the network, so don't get confused by that "back to home" link in there, it goes to the network homepage. The only ads I could find were ones I had to track down under the "friends" link, plus one link on the cams page which says it's a pay link.

Christy has a cute face, not supermodel but not a used-up-in-porn look either, that looks early 20s but maybe not quite 19 as claimed (I'm not the best judge of this though). She's brunette with blue eyes, has an average build - not skinny but not chubby either - with a fairly decent ass and (obviously) a nice rack. Her tits are natural so they don't have that "overboard" thing some other busty internet gals have, yet despite that her breasts have good shape and are large for "everyday" tits (i.e., big for those you might see on girls on the street) - I'm not sure they're standout-quality with how many other larger big-titted models there are on the web, but hers are nice none the less. She's sporting a few small tattoos and a tongue piercing. The theme is Christy doing other girls, stripping, flashing the camera, or masturbating in her apartment and out and about in Canada. Maybe I'm being too picky about this web-smut, but the video action seems at times a little too stagy playing too much to the camera rather than to the action.

The site has 24 videos total. There are no update dates anywhere listed, but at that number and they show on the network page that it's been around since 2004, it appears there haven't been updates in years. The videos are all manner of lengths from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, and are cut up into various numbers of clips that often around 5 minutes but can be as short as 30 seconds.

Videos are offered in 2 formats, WMV and MPG. At highspeed, the WMVs are 480x360 and 732 kbps bitrate, a decent size to be sure; the highspeed MPGs are 321x240 though which is weird, and they look a little rough even for MPGs. There's also lowspeed WMVs and MPGs that are physically about half the sizes, they're a little rougher even scaled down than they should be - it's hard out there for lowspeed users. The videos play smoothly, but I found while reviewing that their videos server can be somewhat sluggish to answer and it even went down a few times.

The videos are done in standard web-amateur style, so it's a decent image although a little blurry outdoors at times. It's camcorder-style shooting so it moves about the scenes, most of the shots are medium distance and not a lot of close-ups, but it's all generally well-lit. Sound is clean for a camcorder but some videos required me to turn up my PC volume and then would fluctuate depending on the subjects' distance from the camera.

Each video episode has a photo gallery of vidcaps and then in the "pictures" section there are 20 separately-shot image galleries, for a total of 44 picture sets. Some of the "pictures" (aka the non-vidcap) galleries don't have corresponding videos so there is more to see in the pictures department than only what's in the videos. The pictures galleries range from 40 to 75 to even 150 photos per gallery, while the vidcaps range from 20 to 80 per gallery. The vidcap pics are 720x480 and around 50 kb or so; the still pics are 800x600 (or vice-versa if they're vertical) and around 200 kb. The still photos are generally nice and clear, the vidcaps not as much, yet they're nearly all well-composed. The choice of shots varies a bit, some feel repetitive while others tell the story with a good variety. Presentation claims to be a slideshow but it's just all the thumbs in that gallery on 1 page in 4 columns, when you click each thumb it opens into a new window. Annoyingly, there's a link to download each photo set as a zip file, but all the zip files tried wouldn't work.

Bonuses include access to the other 41 full sites on the network of different girls, general content, and niche sites - some of which are regularly updated. Everything on the network is listed and searchable by model and categories. There's also access to over 150 other bonus sites of varied content under "browse extras". All of this is found from the main network homepage.

This is where I talk negatives. The site claims to have Christy on a live cam every once in a while, but she's got nothing scheduled on the page ever. The site has Christy's diary but there are only a handful of entries from February 2005. Between the 2, that's half the content mentioned on the tour not living up to claims. Then there's the low amount of episodes and total lack of update dates - or updates at all. The server that pushes the videos is sometimes slow and even down, that's not good. The picture gallery pages suck what with all the thumbs being on 1 page per gallery and the zip files not working. And I already ranted about how lame the initial entry situation is.

Christy is a cute, sexy girl with a decent rack who does flashing, masturbating, and sex with other girls both at home and outside. Once you get your bearings, getting around this site is fairly easy without misleading or being ad-heavy. There aren't a lot of episodes, but 24 videos and 44 galleries isn't too bad. The highspeed WMVs are a decent size and quality, and are well-composed even if the volume is tough to pin down, and some of it is a bit stagy for my taste. There's both vidcaps and still photos, the stills look pretty nice and are a good size. There's also a decent array of bonus sites offered. However, I did have a lot of complaints including no updates, a slow video server, and half of the major tour claims - diary and live cam - being a washout. Bottom line, if you really like this model then you'll want to join, check out everything in the first month and then cancel, but in general I don't think I can recommend joining

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