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Brazil Booty Bangers

Reviewed on 02/25/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Latin
Additional: Anal sex

3 Day Trial: $3.95
1 Month: $34.95
3 Months: $68.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
This site review is of Brazil Booty Bangers. This is a "reality" hardcore site where they get normal girls from the area to fuck them, at some point in the ass. It's not a particularly challenging theme, most hardcore goes to ass-town these days, but at the very least it does help fill the internet's quota of porno sites - maybe someday that quota will finally be topped out.

Navigating this site is really easy, in large part because everything but the photos are on a single 1-column page that's the definition of "simple". Not a lot of challenging design here, but it gets you to the content right away. The only ads on the site are under the main content, between that table and the bonus sites table, and they're fairly obvious about it.

One problem I have with "reality" sites is that even when they're real they don't exactly live up to the expectations. When you talk about girls in Brazil, there's a certain type in mind, and with this site while these girls may actually be from Brazil, they don't fit that type - hell, even the tour pictures don't. Most of the girls seem like they're of Latin descent but there's something lacking about them, they're not that round, they're not that exotic, they're not that tight-bodied - all of which is what I think of when talking about Brazilian hotties. The girls on this site are all slender but none I'd say had great bodies, most are dark-haired, some of them are moderately attractive but too many have a "used up" look to them. The setting is hardcore in and around a house compound in Brazil, with the 2 newest being in the jungle, there's no real setup, it just jumps right into action.

There are 15 episodes, but as there are no update dates listed anywhere, I have no idea when or even if they ever update.

There are 2 video formats offered here with multiple sizes - WMV and MPEG, both cut up into various clips. The WMVs are offered in "superhigh" which are 640x480 and 1260kbps bitrate. This is a decent size, not quite as sharp as possible but the physical size makes up for that. The "high" WMVs are 320x240 at 928kbps, the high bitrate gives them a sharper visual than the largest version, but they're half the physical size and yet nearly as large in file size so they take almost as long to download. The "low" vids are the same 320x240 and 496kbps, these are fairly good visually at half the file size as the others so they take less time to buffer and download. The MPEGs gave my computer a lot of trouble trying to open them from the browser, so I had to save-as them to get them to play. Both high and low quality MPEGs are 320x240 and roughly comparable to their WMV counterparts, although the MPEG is always a slightly lower-quality when the file sizes are this similar.

The videos are pretty standard for internet "reality" porn, a camcorder being pointed at people having sex, no real production values. The camera is a decent image for a camcorder, a little blown-out (excuse the porn-pun) with the white balance maybe, and it does have a fluidity so it can move around to get shots from other angles and change focus on the fly. The videos are shot with a lot of close-distance not-quite-close-ups, there are some close-ups and some medium-distance shots but I'm not a fan of the shots halfway between those. The camerawork mostly frames the subjects ok, but sometimes does seem to drift off a little so subjects end up partly out of frame. Lighting is decent and sound is fairly consistent and loud. The vids are cut into clips about 3 minutes in length, around 15 clips per video, so around 30 to 45 minutes per movie, give or take.

Each episode has a set of photos, so 15 total. The photos are separately-shot stills rather than just vidcaps, and video length seems to have little to do with how many photos there are as some of the stills are taken before or after what's in the videos. Each photo set has about 100 to 150 pics spread across multiple gallery pages. The photos are 640x960 or vice-versa and around 100 to 200kb each, and generally pretty good clarity (which isn't always a good thing: e.g. real people have real pimples).

Bonus content is access to 30 other sites on their network across various niches, all of similar quality to this one. The saddest thing is the first link in the bonus list, "The Taste of Brazilian Ass", because the screenshot is of the last episode on this site right down to the same sample thumbs! Why? Because that site is identical content to this one!!! (This explains why all the videos and pics on our site have watermarks for a different site, it's the "other" one in the network.) So instead of 30 bonus sites it's really 29.

The first negative here is that I really don't think they have a very good collection of Brazilian girls, maybe they did their best but the end result isn't very inspiring. And there's no update dates listed at all, that's unacceptable as we have no idea if they've ever updated EVER. I won't fault them for an utter lack of finesse about the members area, but having a string of 15 or so links for videos is pretty lame, every 3 minutes you have to find another link. Also, there's the fact that this is the same site as one of the others in the network, way to make customers feel special. And the site's price is way too high for what you get. Finally, the trial membership is an absolute waste, you get access to half of 2 movie sets and that's it, stay away.

This is a very simple site. The models aren't exactly Brazil's finest or most exotic, but they do seem to be native to the region and they do spend around half an hour having sex on camera, at some point taking it in the ass. There aren't many episodes and no update dates and perhaps no updates ever, but there is at least 7 and a half hours of video plus photos total. There's also access to 29 more sites in their network. But it's a quick-and-dirty, uninspiring mess of a site that may never update and is just a mirror of another site in their network. Most, if not all, of the girls are on the tour and tell the tale well - if you absolutely have to see these girls, joining is probably in your future but don't stick around past a month unless you get several new episodes. In general, I really cannot recommend Brazil Booty Bangers at all unless the girls on the tour really do it for you and you have money to burn.

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