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Brandy DDD

Reviewed on 01/14/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 5.3

Main: Single model
Additional: Big tits

1 Month: $28.69 (recurs at $25.69)

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The site being reviewed today is Brandy DDD. This is a solo-girl softcore site about Brandy, who as the site title suggests has a natural 36 triple-D bust. Basically, it's her doing photo shoots and video around an apartment while she strips and plays with her naturally large breasts.

Navigating this site starts with a pain in the ass, you give your password and instead of being greeted with this site's members area, you're given the site's network homepage which feels like nothing like what you were expecting. Even more confusing, there's a pulldown at the top for "Our Exclusive Sites" and Brandy DDD is not among them. Turns out there's 2 links to the site, the first is another pulldown in the navbar called "Exclusive Softcore Sites", and the second is found deep down that homepage (ctrl-f search for "Brandy DDD" and it'll be easier). The site opens under a frame with that network navbar, but other than that getting around is fairly simple and easy to find, no distractions whatsoever. While the network has a couple minor ads for dating and live chat on their homepage and on the right side of their navbar, our actual site has none. Make sure you notice the "view all" links under the pictures and videos sections, they don't stand out that well but are important since most of the content is there.

Brandy is the only model on here since it's a solo girl site. She's early-20s, brunette, huge natural tits, and somewhat chubby. I'd say she's got a lot of "cute" factor, she's attractive in that big-eyed girl kind of way. Her large breasts are clearly the main focus of the site, with lots of her playing with, grabbing, and showing them off as she poses and strips out of her outfit of the day. If you want to get nitpicky about her look, her tits are natural so the laws of gravity do apply unlike with those artificial beach-ball implants on a lot of other porn girls out there, and she's a normal girl with normal imperfections - but be a hater? The tour gives a good idea of what she looks like, though it does downplay that she's got a little tummy.

The setting is Brandy doing photo shoots around a fairly generic apartment, the tour says there are outdoor shots but there's not all that much of it. Some of the shoots she does not get fully nude, but all are topless. There are 11 self-hosted videos on the site, and according to its homepage they last updated 4 months ago. There are also 57 photo sets.

Videos are offered in WMV format in 1 size, 640x480 at 1602 kbps bitrate - that is a pretty good size and bitrate, you can zoom them up 200% and they still look decent. The videos play smoothly, and there are links to download them as well.

The videos are good for camcorder vids, there's a little interlacing during some movement and a few are a little pincushioned (like a fish-eye lens) but it's not too bad on those. Sometimes the camera is set in 1 position and films by itself while someone takes pictures of Brandy, much of the time while she's posing for photos; some of the vids are handheld - but not of the wild, dizziness-inducing variety - and she's playing directly to the camcorder fairly close-up. The framing is alright, sometimes a tad hit-or-miss when the camera is stationary (since this isn't a video of a statue), and those are shot from a medium distance rather than a lot of close-ups. The lighting is fairly decent, the vids are a tiny bit dim like most camcorders but never worse than adequate. Sound is whatever the camcorder picks up - a lot of the vids have a still camera firing, some background music, a cellphone ringing, and only a little of Brandy talking - the sound level is a touch quiet but doesn't need the volume turned up much to hear it.

Photos are in 57 galleries, each gallery has between 30 and 85 photos, so there's at least a couple thousand photos total here. The images are very good quality stills, nearly all well-lit, clear, and detail-rich - they're not those hazy, airbrushed, overly-composed super-pro photos which I don't usually care for. The shots have more close-ups than the videos but there's a good assortment all around. The size is 800x600 or vice-versa and clock in between 40 and 90 kb, don't let that filesize fool you though, they look very solid for those sizes.

Bonus content includes access to 36 other sites in this network of various exclusive softcore and hardcore niches, the Brandy DDD tour says there are over 30 solo girl sites but that's a mistake since there are actually only 5 others as part of the 36. In the navbar is a link to "DVD Archive", I've seen other sites where that's a sponsor ad but this is actually a link to more free videos off of porn DVDs, over 100 full-length movies at least and 735 clips. Then there's access to around 45 more bonus sites, for some reason only 30 of them are listed on the "bonus sites" page when all are on the network homepage. A copy of "Wipe It Off" software which gets rid of cookies and histories and other signs you've visited porn sites. And there's also access to the "picture sections" which have 3 sets total.

This is where I talk of negatives. There's not many videos on this site with 11 total and each is only about 2 to 6 minutes, and the vids feel like they just stop whenever rather than at the end. They haven't updated in months, that's always a bad sign. There's no personality inside this site, no text at all, and not much talking in the videos. Brandy's in different outfits in each shoot and that does work, but the poses start feeling the same from shoot to shoot eventually so it gets a tad repetitive. The photo pages don't have a slideshow feature or even link you to the next image, so you have to go back and then click the next picture. Considering how photo-heavy this site is, it really should have a zip file to save the entire gallery or something. Finally, as I mentioned earlier, the first page you see in the members area is extremely confusing.

In closing, Brandy is cute and has big tits, she strips and plays with her large breasts in her apartment. After an early hurdle, getting around the site is straightforward and simple. The videos are a nice size and bitrate, the videos are generally a look at our heroine doing a photo shoot. There are a lot of good-quality photos, this is the site's strongest aspect, even if navigating the galleries is a tad clunky. The site offers a decent amount of bonus content which is always good. However, there's no personality inside the site and there's not much video here. If this model suits your tastes and you want to see her doing only solo softcore posing or you just like watching her play with her huge tits then there might be something to checking this out, but overall it's hard for me to recommend Brandy DDD on its own.

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