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Reviewed on 09/26/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.6

Main: Single model
Additional: Big tits

1 Month: $19.95
3 Months: $49.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Boobs Donna is a 22 year old Polish amateur with a girl-next-door face and huge natural breasts. Her tour is very colorful and shows a lot of her topless, as well as doing some fucking and sucking. There's even some pics of her smoking as well as fucking herself with sex toys. She claims on her tour that she's a 36F, and all I can say about that is F must stand for Fucking Fantastic because this girl has some killer tits!

The member area of Boobs Donna is pretty easy to figure out. A nav bar at the top of the page is where you'll find the site links, and below is a welcome from Donna, a list of latest updates with descriptions, her most popular pic sets and her up and coming updates. At the bottom of the page are various support links. Boobs Donna updates about once a week, although it appears that updates sometimes a day late or a day early. Each update consists of either a photo set or a video, but not both.

I started out with the Bio & Faq section. There is where members can read all about Boobs Donna - her likes, dislikes, sexual preferences and favorite books. If you're interested in knowing more about her, the Bio & Faq is the place to go. I decided to check out the blog next. It's been up for 2 1/2 months and there are currently 5 entries, the latest one from a few days ago. Most of the entries seem to talk more about the weather than about Boobs Donna herself, her photo shoots or her sex life.

There are currently 56 videos and 45 pic sets inside Boobs Donna. The videos are offered in a variety of formats and sizes, including a streaming Flash option and downloadable WMV, MPG and Real vids. Most of the videos including the streaming Flash versions are shown at 720x576, the high quality WMVs streaming at around 1.72 Mbps and the Real videos a little higher. The movies look good, but some of the older videos didn't play quite smoothly and a couple of the MPGs I downloaded were rather pixilated. I'd say go with the HQ WMVs or the RM HQ vids if you want to download. There's also a smaller WMV video of each movie for those on slower broadband connections and those who can play WMVs on their handhelds.

The 45 pic sets each come with a zip file, so any sets you like you can easily download for later. Photos are shown at around 684x1024 at good quality, and if you wish you can view each set as a hands-free slideshow.

Although there are some hardcore sets, most of the action inside Boobs Donna is solo. She squeezes, fondles and sucks on her big tits. She also bounces and jiggles those massive mammaries, fingers her pussy and floats in a wading pool, which makes those huge boobs float. She appears sitting on the toilet, smoking and picking apples in an orchard. There are a good number of outdoor shoots as well as indoor shoots, and I'd say that overall there's more variety here than you'll find in a lot of single model sites.

Boobs Donna offers plenty of what her site is about, which is her getting nasty and her big tits. The site is medium sized with weekly updates. Videos are downloadable and the WMVs and Real vids are good quality, the pic sets are also mostly good stuff and can be downloaded as a zip file. Are there any issues inside the site? Well, the link to My Friends currently leads to the Boobs Donna join page, which was a surprise. Also some of the pic sets and videos seem to be only part of a shoot. Still, the membership price is reasonable and the site will satisfy anyone who is turned on by Boobs Donna and her huge boobs!

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