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Blind Date Bangers

Reviewed on 03/09/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.0

Main: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.98

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Blind Date Bangers is a site that offers something a little different. They actually introduce 2 people who go out on a date together - with us watching, of course. The guy and the girl get interviewed briefly before the date so we can hear what they're looking for, and of course they agree that if things work out, they're willing to have sex on camera. These are pretty open-minded singles who are looking for a relationship, but also some action so the idea seems perfect for a porn site.

The Blind Date Bangers member area is pretty simple. After a navigation bar that I never actually needed to use, there's the 3 newest updates for all the sites in the network. Then are text links to the last 30 days of updates and to all the movies in the network. Keep scrolling, because next on the page is the newest Blind Date Bangers update including a pic, some text telling us all about what happens plus links to the photos and videos.

Underneath the latest update are links to all the other episodes on Blind Date Bangers. There are currently 29 episodes listed, and every one is listed with the girl's name, the date added and a preview thumb so you can decide who you want to see. Keep going down the page and you'll find links to 24 bonus sites, then links to live feeds and finally some ads for pay per view videos.

From looking at the preview thumbs, there's a pretty wide variety of chicks who get fucked on Blind Date Bangers. There's some hot amateur girls who are in their late teens or early 20's, some chicks in their 20's and even a couple in their 30's. I see chicks with long hair and short-haired honeys. Lots of different looks, and that makes it seem more real.

Something I noticed quickly is that this site is not updated very regularly. There was one update last month, one the month before and none so far this month. On the other hand, a few months ago there were 4 updates. The bottom line here is you can count on seeing 29 episodes but it's hard to say from the dates on the current episodes when more will be added.

The movies are available to watch in shorter clips or as full videos and they are all Windows Media format. The full videos are available to watch in 3 speeds - high, medium and the low version. The high quality is definitely the size I recommend - they stream at around 498k and are shown at a screen size of 480x430, which is pretty good. For those on a slower broadband or ISDN connection, the medium versions should please. The movies look good played at 320x310, and since they stream at 340k, they start to play quickly. I'm not sure how fast the low version movies starts to play for dialup users, but I imagine they play well since they stream at 38k. I found all the movies that I watched to play smoothly.

If you prefer clips to full movies, you may want to know that the high quality clips are shown at 320x306 and look very good where the full versions of the same movies are bigger at 480x430 but the image is a little less sharp. If size counts, and you're watching the high quality movies, try the full movies - they start to play just as quickly and the larger screen size give the videos more impact while you watch them.

The photos that come with each movie are vidcaps. They are shown at 640x480 and the quality is pretty good - for vidcaps. Vidcaps are lower quality than high-rez stills, but these still show all the action from the interview to the cumshot. I think the Blind Date Bangers pics are definitely worth checking out.

Now let's talk about the action. The older videos feature a sexy female announcer with a mic where the very newest ones have a guy we don't see. They interview the guy and the girl so we get to hear what they're looking for out of the date and what they want sexually. Then the couple get introduced and go out on their date before they end up fucking each others' brains out on camera. There's plenty of cock-sucking and lots of pussy-pounding as each couple get to the good stuff.

Besides the exclusive blind date videos, Blind Date Bangers members get access to a nice collection of other porn sites. They run the gamut from foot fetish to interracial sex to teen to pornstar. There is also several reality sites featuring the infamous Bus Stop Whores and XXX Proposal. I think if you love watching hardcore, there's enough porn to keep you very busy for the entire month or more.

If you're looking for a reality site with a great theme, Blind Date Bangers delivers the goods. The videos are good amateur quality and available to watch as clips or full movies. If you don't feel like waiting through the dates, you can always fast forward to the sex. The updates in this site are irregular but the content that is there is lots of fun plus members get access to those 24 bonus sites. If you like dating shows and porn, I suggest you take a look at what Blind Date Bangers has to offer!

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