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Black with Latin

Reviewed on 12/22/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 4
Price vs content: 3
Overall: 4.0

Main: Latin
Additional: Interracial

3 Day Trial: $3.95
1 Month: $34.95
3 Months: $68.95

Members Area Preview:
Screenshot #1

First Impression:
I guess if there is a bunch of people out there in porn-viewing land that crave black and latin sex; this site might be a considered destination. To me it looks just like another black cocks in white chicks site. There are seven blurry video capture images of the type of Latin girls the site offers. I am not impressed and I have a suspicion these girls are the only ones I am likely to see on the site. All the girls are being fucked by the same black dude with a baldhead and a longish cock. There are no trailers. There is no indication of how much content there is on the site except a vague reference on the join page saying "We have tons of hot Latina". That would imply a lot of content wouldn’t it but I wouldn’t bet on it especially since they also offer 32 sites for the prices of one. And hey one of the sites is called Black Dicks White Chicks. So far in nearly 100% of cases when I run across a site that is vague about how much content it has and says nothing about how frequently it updates and offer lots of bonus sites, the site is crap. I guess it is pretty clear that I am not very impressed with Black with Latin based on the tour. If I were not a reviewer, at this stage I would say the warning signs are clear enough to give this site a pass. I am kind of curious to get inside and see if my prediction that this site is going to be a stinker is valid. My batting average so far has been pretty good and I am pretty sure this site is going to up that average.

As expected there is not much content here, nine videos in total. That is hugely different than "tons of Latina” content promised in the tour. If you are going to lie, lie big to paraphrase a famous propagandist who shall remain unnamed. The bonus sites have titles like Taste of Brazilian Ass and Brazil Booty Bangers. Maybe that is where the "tons of Latina" content is. So in the interests of being fair I log into Brazil Booty Bangers. They have 14 videos. So now I am curious to see if the rest of the "tons of Latina" videos reside in Taste of Brazilian Ass, so I log in there and find 11 videos, but get this, some of them are the same as the videos in Brazil Booty Banger. I don’t know how many exactly because I am not going to log-in back and forth and try to remember, but trust me, it is more than one. There are less than 30 Latina videos in this whole network of 30 plus sites. Now I am beginning not to trust them about anything. Let’s see if we really do get 32 sites with our one membership.

Very curious, when I click on Party Hard Whores and get a page that says, "Not seeing what you expected?". It offers a number of reasons why this might be the case including "the page you were looking for has been moved or is currently unavailable". Below that is a promo tour offering me 55 sites including Taste of Brazilian Ass. I click on it and go to the bottom of the page again to try to get into Party Hard Whores. I am brought full circle back to the "Not seeing what you expected?". I am definitely not seeing what I expected. I give up and hit the back button to return to Black with Latin. Holy Shit I am hit by the dreaded Adult Friend Finder pop-up. I am entering their pop-up hell again. God I despise (is that too strong?) that site and webmasters who promote it. I shut five pop-ups and as usual the last one closes my browser. Quite frankly I am not interested in going back in again. I don’t want to see anymore. I don’t trust the site. What will assault me the next time I click on one of their so-called premium bonus sites?

I predicted I wouldn’t like this site. I was wrong. I don’t dislike the site; I hate it. They mislead and dissemble about the amount of content they have and once inside you are susceptible to a pop-up assault that that will shut down your browser. Stay away from Black with Latin. I am tired of the growing number of these "pretend paysites" with so little content.

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