Black Gang White Bang

Reviewed on 2006-12-17 by Frank




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First Impression:
I don’t like the look of the tour. Usually the design is something that I don’t really pay attention to unless it is unusually attractive or in this case unattractive. I think it is the combination of colours (blue and yellow), the faded images of the banner or its general overly busy look. That aside, as you descend the page, the models depicted look yummy. The reason the pictures do not look that crisp is that they are video captures. Nevertheless they give you a good idea of the video content. There are eight video trailers in the four-page tour. The videos are good quality and all feature the good-looking girls of the tour images dealing with 4 very large black cocks. And that definitely seems to be the theme of this site. "Every episode has 4 of the biggest black dicks in the world fucking every possible hole in these hot white girls tight little bodies!" Well all right! I can get into that. But I find myself wondering how many episodes there will be and how frequently will new episodes be added? My experience has most often been that if the site makes no mention of updates, then don’t expect to see too many. Heck even when a site does tell you how often it will update it doesn’t always follow through. This is a site that is part of a network and again my experience has been that such sites often don’t update regularly just being content to overwhelm you with a mass of content. Let’s see how this one stacks up.

There are twenty-two past updates on the site at the moment. Nadia is the latest update and Sarah Blue is the next update. None of the updates, present, past, or future, has any date associated with it. I click on the thumbnail of Mia because she has great looking black see-through panties on. The pictures in the picture set associated with the video have a nice slide function. It would work better if it was set up so that I do not have to scroll down to see the full image each time because of the way it is positioned on their page. The images are video captures. Mia’s video is divided into 7 clips available in mpg hi, wmv hi, wmv lo, and wmv med. There is no full version of her video. The mpg hi option crashes my Window’s Explorer twice so I don’t try it a third time. I find the option that lets me play the video from my computer works best. Mia is a ripe young blond with large natural breasts pierced with little barbells. She looks barely out of her teens and does a terrific tease dressed in a large mesh body suit and tiny transparent black panties. No wonder the four big black dicks that arrive on the scene are hard. I love the video. Mia is such a delectable dish. She is fucked in every orifice and loves it and in return is rewarded with four large servings of cum.

The next video I select is Shawnie who tells us that she is 21, a Taurus and that she is here to get fucked by four big black cocks. She says she is a little nervous but looking forward to it. Shawnie is even more savoury then Mia. She seems almost angelic dressed in long white stocking bordered in blue and held up with pink garters to match her blue and pink panties and camisole. Her lush young breasts are exposed, nipples erect. Like Mia, Shawnie begins with several minutes of tease that you know is getting the four cocks standing in the wings hard. She is very pretty and beautifully made up. I have not seen Shawnie before but I want to see more of her in future. She is great at keeping all four cocks engaged at once and makes a valiant effort to get three of the monsters into her mouth. She is completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera, particularly when she looks straight at us. She does not do anal but she does take four ejaculations in her mouth continuing to suck each cock after it delivers its loads. Some of these guys must be doing several shoots (pun intended) a day judging from the very small deposits they delivered.

I really like Black Gang White Bang. Shawnie alone is almost worth the price of admission to the site. Then you click on Katja Kassin wearing a tight pink mesh panty covering one of the prettiest pussies you will ever see. All the movies here are professional quality well lit and erotically filmed. The girls are beautiful. The cocks are huge. There is just not very much content yet and who knows how often it will be updated. Members get access to bonus content that includes 18 Interracial that has similar content and received a good review from me a few months back.

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