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Interracial is a classic porn topic - horny white women taking the black cock challenge. Diminutive blondes under the potent thrust of monster black dick, wild brunettes and sultry redheads attacking ebony shafts with reckless abandon. It's timeless. Here is a site called Black Dicks White Chicks that is devoted to nothing but black guys fucking white women.

Here we go into the member area of Black Dicks White Chicks and I must say it's down to business. 5 links across the top get you where you need to be going with ease. A small banner offering some chat and webcams is stuck right below the navigation links. Just below this is a table of 9 episodes of interracial action. This is page 1 of 22 to be exact. After this are 2 ads. One of them takes you to adult friend finder and the other tries to sell you some DVDs. After that is a long list of 31 bonus sites that are offered to the member at no additional cost. About half of these I was able to actually enter and take a look, while the others denied my password and sent me to a page offering several explanations as to why I was seeing this page. The end result was the fact that I would have to join these bonus sites or write the webmasters.

Black Dicks White Chicks is about videos. While as I understand these aren't made "exclusively" for this site, they are none the less a large collection of content. Video sizes and speeds are: super high: 898 kbps @640x480, high: 596 kbps @320x240 and low: 314 kbps @320x240. An mpeg is offered on the download page and its size is 320x240 and has decent quality.

The action in these videos ranges from simple 1 on 1 encounters to full blown 4 guys on 1 girl gang-bang action. Settings and scenes are professional with the full complement of lighting and sound equipment being used to achieve a good looking product. The guys are an average mix from thug to stud including some actual known pornstars (Mr Marcus) and for the most part do quality service to these white women. The women are a selection of light to middle weight pornstars who put in valiant efforts to tame the black cocks offered to them. Attractiveness of these chicks ranges from average stripper class to knockout blonde bombshell Sylvia Saint.

Viewing these videos is a good experience. They load well, play without hesitation, and can be enlarged up to 200% percent without any major problems or too much quality degradation. Navigating the various controls to show you a video has a few twists and turns but after a couple of minutes you can surely figure out the best option for you. There are 22 pages containing 197 videos broken down into various numbers of clips. So members are ensured plenty of viewing enjoyment.

The pictures offered in Black Dicks White Chicks are vidcaps. These are of average vidcap quality and are 600x400 in size. Some of them can be quite grainy and enlarging them to any size other then their native configuration wouldn't be a good idea. They seem to follow the storyline of the video clips and try to capture key moments of the action and accomplish this with varying degrees of success.

31 bonus sites are offered here at Black Dicks White Chicks and as I said earlier about half of them work and half don't. Either way they offer a fairly good spread of porn to look at and topics range from teens, to Brazil booty bangers, to public nudity, to boys that gag, to shemales from Brazil, to Brazilian ass (what's up with Brazil?) etc. - you get the idea. Unfortunately only one of them has noticeable interracial content.

The good, the bad, and the ugly: The good - there is lots of hardcore interracial porn to check out. Tons of video clips derived from 197 movies is a lot of porn. Fully functional videos that look decent and have many viewing configurations regarding speed and quality. Name brand porn stars and runner ups: Sylvia Saint, Belladonna, Julian St. Jox, Mr. Marcus, and a host of others. A decent selection of vidcaps to back up the clips with. The bad - there are no dates anywhere in the site. There's no list of future updates and no evidence of anything new being added to the site except for there being over 190 vids. Also at least some of the content isn't exclusive and is the result of processing a large collection of commercial DVDs into watchable clips. While that in itself isn't a really a bad thing, just be aware that you might have seen this stuff elsewhere. The ugly - the banners and links in the members area appear to be misleading, and just the fact that there are banners and links in the members area is in itself bad enough. Another bummer is the bonus sites. Half of them working? I don't know about you but when I join a site I expect all of them to be working or there better be a damn good reason why they aren't.

Black Dicks White Chicks is worth signing up for. Why? Because it is a huge collection of hardcore interracial content brought together in one site for you to check out. Granted, it has its faults but on the whole those are minor to what you actually get for your money. As it's stated at the top of the members area: "now you in the mutha fuckin' club!"

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