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Reviewed on 2006-07-17 by Frank




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First Impression:
I like Latin women. I like the dark hair and bronze skin. I like the image of the girl from Ipanema walking by, wiggly the tight tanned cheeks of her butt, accentuated by the neon pastel of her thong. Aaaaaaaaaaaahh. The tour for Black Dicks and Latin Chicks has a sun-tanning lotion look to it for me. The girls look like they just came from the beach. I can almost smell the Copper Tone. The site offers women from Venezuela, Porto Rico, Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil, although, forgive my stereotyping the women in the tour, all look as thought they are from Brazil. At least they fulfil my fantasy expectation of what women from Brazil might look like. There are two pages of beauties on the tour and lots of trailers. The trailers I look at load very quickly. I like what I see. That is the mark of a good trailer; when you watch it, you want to see the rest of the movie that the trailer promotes. These are good trailers. I am hot to get in and check out the rest of the site.

The site appears to update ever week. The current update is episode 47 so there is lots of content here. The movies are offered in hi, medium and lo wmv and high quality mpeg. I click on the medium wmv for episode 47. Linda is a raven-haired beauty from Brazil with big natural breasts. She is a small woman compared to the two guys who are going to fuck her in the ass. It makes it easy for these two big guys to lift her and spear both her holes with their horse dicks. She has a look of pure ecstasy as she stares directly into the camera. She happily slurps up their cum as these two black stallions deliver their load to her face.

I click on episode 45. This girl with bleached blond hair can't be much over 18. She has the most incredible body I have seen in a long time, with luscious breasts that hang like soon to be ripe fruit. She alone is almost worth the price of admission. We never do learn her name. Videos are divided in to 4 to 6 segments, each between 4 minutes and 5 minutes in duration. There are no full versions of the video available. All the movies are downloadable and can be saved to your hard drive.

As I flit about the videos I find that all the women are quite acceptable and some are very attractive indeed. And joy o joy I do not run across one woman with artificial breasts. There are lots of very fine booties. Scenes vary from one guy, one girl, to two guys, one girl, two girls, one guy and two guys, two girls. In the movies I watch everyone seems to be having fun and there were no frowns when receiving the final facial flourish. The pictures are only video captures but they are a little higher quality than most video captures one sees on a site.

There are another 20 bonus sites available to members, so given the considerable content already here, and if they deliver on their promise to update weekly, there should be lots of masturbation material here for the serious wanker. I note that one of the bonus site is entitled Brazil Bang so we can get to continue to see South American beauties from that big country. By the way, condolences to Brazil on the just finished world cup.

Black Dicks Latin Chicks provides, at the moment, 47 videos of very good-looking Latin women with the promise of giving us a new video every week. The movies are divided into 4 to 6 segments of around five minutes. There are no full versions of the movies available but the segments are long enough to get involved with. They can be streamed or downloaded. I found all the videos that I watched to be very erotic. The sex was happy and energetic. There are another 20 websites available as a bonus to members. If your tastes lean to the dark and exotic in women then you will be satisfied here.

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