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Black Creamy Pies

Reviewed on 08/16/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Creampie
Additional: Black

3 Day Trial: $4.97 (recurs at $34.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Black Creamy Pies is a brand new site all about tight black pussies getting filled with cocks, taking internal loads and dripping cum. In this world of condom porn, it's really hot to see a girl get fucked by a naked cock - and the nasty chicks in these videos seem to like how it feels. They certainly aren't arguing as their holes are filled by uncovered dicks. If you prefer horny black amateur babes in raincoat-free porn, this site ought to interest you - so read on!

The member area of Black Creamy Pies is simple and easy to navigate. There are links near the top of the page and just below on the left is the latest update and on the right is a dropdown menu leading to all the bonus sites and a member poll that doesn't work yet. Keep scrolling down to see all the video episodes, each girl shown with a thumbnail, and then you get to links for all 24 bonus sites. Last on the page are some rather large ads, but since they're out of the way they're really not a problem.

The girls of Black Creamy Pies are sexy ebony amateurs. Each thumb shows the girls faces - sometimes filled with cock - or faces and bodies and below each thumb is the girl's name. If you like your women black without too much makeup and with a good attitude and a wet pussy, these are the kind of girls who will definitely catch your attention.

There are currently 20 videos inside Black Creamy Pies, each with pics. Each video is offered as an MPG or in your choice of 3 sizes of WMV - hi, med or low. Each clip takes you to a page with a player, and below the player is a link to download the video if you prefer.

The high quality WMVs are definitely the star of the show for me. Shown at 400x300, they stream at over 1100kbps and look pretty good - good enough to enlarge to 200% and still enjoy. The MPGs aren't quite as high in quality and are shown a tiny bit smaller and at a slightly different aspect ratio. The WMVs come in medium and low as well, although the low videos are still way too big for the average dialup user. All the movies I watched loaded quickly and had good sound.

A couple of the WMVs I downloaded were MPGs. If this happens to you, your player will give you a message that says "The file you are attempting to play has an extension that does not match the file format." I simply clicked yes and the movies played fine.

I did run into a problem with the first couple of Star's video clips - the problem is, they didn't play. The thumbs are also rather messed up, so I guess the folks from Black Creamy Pies need to re-encode this video. The thumbs for Nikki Kylie are also messed up but the videos play fine.

The grand finale, if you will, for each of these videos is the camera closing in on those fucked and used black pussies as they drip and ooze thick hot cum mixed with pussy juice from their swollen snatches. And let me tell you, cum shows up very well against dark ebony skin!

The pics are vidcaps, shown at 750x563. They are lower quality than most digital stills, which is normal for vidcaps, but they are worth checking out to get a quick idea of the action in the videos or if you just like pics.

Beside the Black Creamy Pies videos and pics, members also get access to 24 bonus sites. You'll find ebony sites, latin sites, a foot fetish site, teens, interracial and amateur - it's a pretty good collection with a fair chunk of amateur quality porn videos to keep members stroking.

A couple issues caught my eye. I noticed that none of the episodes of Black Creamy Pies are dated. That means there is no way to tell how often the site updates - or when it will update next. There is also no description of each video, which is a shame. But overall, this is a pretty solid site and with a few months of regular updates, it should grow to be very worth while.

Black Creamy Pies is off to a good start! For a new site, 20 videos is a pretty good offering. The videos are good amateur quality with black chicks I think are fucking hot and excellent creampies shown at the end of each movie. The pics are vidcaps but still worth a look and there is a nice collection of bonus sites that add a lot of value for members. If black pussies getting filled with cum turns you on, be sure and check out Black Creamy Pies!

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