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Big Wet Butts

Reviewed on 10/12/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.5

Main: Anal sex
Additional: Ass

2 Day Trial: $2.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $24.95
3 Months: $49.95

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First Impression:
What to make of a site with a title of Big Wet Butts? I like butts but do I like them big and wet? When I think of big butts I think of fat butts. Fortunately, for me anyway, the butts depicted in the site’s tour are not fat. They are round and "bubblyish" and in fact quite beautiful, all glistening with oil. These butts are not wet, they are oily. Now I can get into beautiful oily butts particularly if they are attached to beautiful oily bodies and that is indeed what we have here. And some of these butts are big but they are not fat. They are firm and pliable and bouncy and the object of adoration by the males that get to grope them. There are several high quality sample videos. Generous amounts of baby oil lubricate the anal action. The scene in one sample of a hard bodied guy thrusting his very erect oily cock into the cracks of the two oily bottoms backed up against each other is enough to entice me in. The site is a part of a network of 17 other sites. This is often not a good sign but I am hoping for the best.

The site is set up cleanly and is easy to navigate. Right away we are asked for our suggestions; which is good. Then we are invited to join a dating site and to view cam girls; which is bad. This week’s update, Oct 5, 2007, is a scene with Brianna and Caroline. These two young beauties cavort about Venice Beach with their big butts exposed for all to see. Caroline’s butt is too big for me. Her bountiful bum and upper thighs are dimpled and rippled with the cottage cheese cellulite a look I find rather unattractive but who knows this may be exactly what genuine big butt lovers are looking for. Caroline is a very pretty woman and the oily threesome between her and Brianna and the hard bodied guy I saw in the trailer is "analishously" hot although it is not the threesome that so attracted me in the trailer. That video features Ava Devine and Sandra Romain, two women whose large butts are matched by their equally large breasts. Ava’s breasts have been surgically enhanced but Sandra’s are the real thing. Both their asses are divine with tiny puckered assholes surmounting full fat shaved pussies and both these women are veteran "analists" judging from the ease with which anuses are entered and the obvious pleasure it gives them. This is a must see video with an exotic looking dude with a cut body and a very hard cock that energetically enters every orifice. Oily bodies glistening in the lights on the set add to the eroticism. Lovers of anal sex will be totally satisfied with this video.

In fact lovers of anal sex will be totally satisfied with this site. There are over 110 videos on Big Wet Butts all of them featuring well oiled asses anally assaulted. The earlier videos are poorer in compression quality and size. The newer videos are all large and excellent quality and look great when viewed on full screen. Downloads are rapid, over 750 kb/s or you can stream the movie in parts or whole. I like to stream the MPG versions because with the very fast downloads you can quickly jump ahead in the movie which of course always helps a reviewer who is trying to get the largest sample of the site in the shortest period of time. And moving around quickly has allowed me to check out this girl whom I want to draw to your attention. Her name is Xana Starr and she is naturally buxom blond with a tiny waist and a perfect bubble butt. While the jerky editing in the solo seduction sequence of the video made me dizzy, the camera settles down for the hot sexual action which begins with a rain coated guy in rubber gloves spraying oil on her ass with a power sprayer. She is one oily lady who slides every part of her shiny body over his equally oily long cock. When the guy finally pulls out of her anus and ejaculates over her face he is a one man bukkake gang, totally covering her in cum.

One nice feature of the site is the way it provides links to other shoots with the same model either on this site or on one of the other sites in the network to which you have access. Yes, in this case the network is a real plus and I will have to check out a couple of the other sites in it to see if they are as good as this one.

Big Wet Butts is a very nice anal and butt lover’s site. The women are beautiful and many of them are well known in the porn business. Every one of them is an anal-loving sex machine. Newer videos are large format and look great at full screen. The site has lots of content and a new video is added each week. In addition members have access to a huge amount of bonus content some of which provides additional videos of your favorite models here.

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