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Big Sausage Pizza

Reviewed on 06/25/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.4

Main: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80

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First Impression:
I see a lot of adult web sites. So when a site tries to do something a little different to stand out from the crowd it should not go un-remarked. It must be an increasingly difficult struggle for today's porn producers to come up with a new way of depicting sucking and fucking. For the past four or five years, because it is cheap to produce, we have seen these reality-type sites proliferate. A scenario is set up and the camera rolls. I have seen 40-minute videos with out a single edit. This site is in that vein but the focus is on sex with the pizza delivery boy. Oh, you say, "I have seen that before." I agree so have I, but with this site we have a twist. No longer is the pizza boy preyed upon by some cougar or horny teen, here the pizza delivery guy is the predator. He arrives with his erect penis poking out of the middle of a hole cut in the pizza and pizza box. Actually I could see the gag working hilariously on some TV hidden camera show. Look at the shock on granny's face when she opens her free pizza. Maybe that's what they are going for here? I must confess I get a giggle out of the promotional tour for the site. It depicts, over three pages, the faces of attractive young women with their mouths around erect cocks protruding from the center of, what looks like, an all dressed pizza plus free sausage with every pizza and extra sauce available on request. There are video trailers for the girls featured and they give you an excellent preview of what we will see.

This is one of 13 sites that membership in Big Sausage Pizza entitles you. The home page features the big sausage girls. As I scroll down the page I see picture after picture of erect cocks poking out of pizzas into the mouths of hungry pizza-eating women. I keep descending the page. There is a lot of sausage pizza content here. I count 85 videos. Each video has a photo section with real photos (600x800 pixels), not video captures. The first video I select for viewing is Jessi. I pick this one because she is cute but also because she seems to have got gypped on the sausage. It looks more like a wiener. Jenni's video is divided into 45 one-minute clips. Options for viewing are large or small. I select the large and right click to download. There are no full versions of the videos available but we are offered longer wmv format segments. Unfortunately I was not able to make any of them work despite having the most recent version of window's explorer and media player. A friend of mine was able to make the wmv files play on her computer so you may have better luck than me.

Jenni is an attractive woman. She feigns shock on discovering a live sausage in her pizza but is soon sucking it. After being fucked in a variety of positions she finishes with a load of special cream sauce. Jenni is not my kind of woman. I couldn't get past her cartoon breasts. You know the kind. They look great in cartoons but in real life they stand out like a bad toupee. But that's just me.

I flit about the various movies. Madison wraps her big breasts around the protruding salami, as does Daisy, whose bountiful breasts sport silver studs. Daisy is a cum-dodger but she has a great fat pussy. I very quickly tire of the sameness of the format, pizza guy with cock sticking out of the pizza, blowjob, fucking, sauce shot. Some readers will no doubt like knowing that each new girl is faced with the same predictable engagement with the delivery guy. Not me. There is not enough variety here to keep me interested. Thank goodness for the other bonus sites.

This is a novel approach to your standard suck/fuck/facial web site. It is spiced up, so to speak, by putting a cock in a hole cut out of the centre of a pizza. It is sort of like a portable-cock-through-the-toilet-stall-wall-set. There are 85 such pizza movies here, with accompanying pizza photos. I find the theme grows tiresome quickly. I am also put off by the fact that there is no full version of the videos available. Additionally, the longer wmv segments of the videos will not work for me and my only option is to view one-minute segments. The largest format for the videos I view is 320x240. Your membership gains entry to 13 sites. When you order Big Sausage Pizza it only comes in one size. Large... and boring.

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