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Big League Facials

Reviewed on 05/29/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Cum shots

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month Subscription - $29.95

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First Impression:
I have been reviewing pay sites for a while now and so I have seen a lot of sperm ejaculated on a lot of faces. That is a lot of spilled sperm under the bridge of the nose. I often imagine an extra-terrestrial trying to draw some conclusions about our methods of reproduction after watching a whole lot of porn films. I confess I find a facial to be an erotic completion to a sex scene if it does not end in a look of absolute disgust on the woman's face. Most of the girls on the site's tour look as though they are happy to receive their face cream but I am not sure about "Piper". It looks like the beginning of a grimace. Out of curiosity I click on the trailer for her. Happily this trailer works just fine unlike those on a lot of sites I have reviewed recently. It turns out Piper was not grimacing at all. That is her natural look that is only enhanced by a thick load of cum dribbling over it. Piper has an incredible body with nearly perfect natural breasts. She is almost reason enough to join the site but since there are so many trailers I dally a little longer checking them out. After watching Loreena's trailer I have seen enough. I want to get inside and see the whole show. There looks to be lots of happy endings on lots of happy faces.

The site was last updated April 23. Today is May 19. The site seems to be update once or twice a month but with all the other sites available as bonuses there is always something updated somewhere on some site. I have reviewed a number of sites owned by this outfit and I can assure you that you will find lots of facial endings on some of the other sites here not devoted to facials but often ending that way anyhow. I head for Piper's shoot, the girl with the nice body I saw on the tour. Piper Parker it turns out is only 18. She is not unattractive but it is her body that is the real plus. The scene begins with an interview by a woman and then leads to Piper disrobing and then sucking and fucking a tattooed guy with a big cock. It of course finishes with a facial. I found myself thinking I have seen this before. This is the same female interviewer, the same guy with tattoos and a big dick, the same room, the same bed. I have seen all this before. I remember now. These are the same folks who are involved in The Big Swallow, another site in this network that I reviewed a few weeks back.

I guess the big difference is that here the girls don't necessarily swallow and on the other site, given the title, they do swallow. Both are essentially the same in feel, style and format. This is good news for the "sperm on the face" crowd. You have two nearly identical sites devoted to your passion. The videos are available in 3 speeds and can be watched whole or in one-minute segments. You cannot download them to your hard drive. There are digital stills available as well as video captures and these can be saved to your hard drive.

Next I check our Loreena, the other girl from the tour I liked. She has magnificent breasts and an equally lovely bum. She takes on Ramon and his 12" cock. Ramon is also a regular from The Big Swallow. It unfortunate that there is no slide presentation to view the 21 pages of digital photos that accompany her shoot. I counted 47 movies on this site alone, so there are hours and hours of facial videos here and when you add in the huge amount of additional content, including at least one other full site dedicated to facials, you will be running out of tissues to wipe up after yourself before you run out of videos to watch.

Big League Facials is a site with a huge amount of content devoted to exactly what you join the site to see, loads of sperm deposited on smiling pretty female faces. Membership in Big League Facials gives you access to a whole bunch of other sites including another one devoted as well to getting as much sperm as possible into the awaiting mouths of the models. In addition, many of the other sites in the network have videos that conclude with the ubiquitous facial.

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