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Reviewed on 2007-03-02 by Basschick




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I'm taking a look at Big Fat Beauties, a site that features bigger women - ones with cushiony thighs, big soft tits and plenty of curves. If you're a BBW lover, you already know that although there are some fat chicks out there who are truly babes, you don't often see many of them in porn and this site is no exception. The models on the tour aren't ugly, but a lot of them are closer to average than beautiful. Still, if you like watching heavy women suck cock, masturbate and fuck, it looks like Big Fat Beauties has a good selection of videos to choose from.

The member area of Big Fat Beauties is pretty easy to find your way around. It tells you near the top of the page that there are 79 videos, and that's correct. The latest update is shown with several thumbs near the top of the page. Below that, each episode is listed with a thumb, name and date. I'm going to let you know in advance that there are only 5 pic sets and the "More Porn" link on the top of the page leads to advertising and now we can get to what we're here to see - big horny women getting it on!

The Big Fat Beauties videos are from DVDs, which is fine. Now, if there's one thing I'm always happy to see, it's a site that gives its members video options - and Big Fat Beauties has some good ones. Each video is offered in 2 sizes of downloadable full movie. These are MPGs. There is also an iPod version in MP4 plus a couple versions of clips.

For those who prefer quality, the Big Fat Beauties DVD quality MPGs are sharp, clear and play smoothly. They look pretty darn good. The only thing that I didn't care for is that there is a black band around each video. You can't see it but if you go full screen, it keeps the movie from filling your screen entirely. Still, I can't really complain because the bottom line is these are big and good quality.

If you prefer WMVs or would rather watch your movie in several clips, you'll be happy to know that Big Fat Beauties offers each video in 3 sizes of clips including a small size for dialup users. The best quality has a screen size of 480x360 with a bitrate of 764k followed by a 320x240 version shown at around 300k and finally a modem version shown small and streaming at 55k. And if you want to stream the videos, you can. The streaming versions are WMVs that play in an embedded player and are available in full movies or clips and in 3 sizes. If you prefer, you can simply click each downloadable separate clip as they stream in your Media Player.

Members also get access to 20 bonus sites, listed on the bottom of the main member page. These bonus sites feature a pretty wide variety of stroking material. Since these sites are part of the same network, most have the same quality videos. One site, Sex Vids on Pod, actually offers a huge DVD library - and NOT just for iPod. If you want the motherlode of smut, there are tons of these videos, offered in the same high quality as the movies in Big Fat Beauties. The one catch - although the videos load and download at a normal fast speed, page navigation is very slow.

I only had a couple issues with this site. One regards navigation. Once you're on a page inside Big Fat Beauties, if you hit back on your browser you will find yourself back at the tour. If you want to get back to the main member page, just hit "Main Page" on the navigation bar and you'll get back to where you wanted to go without visiting the tour again.

The other issue regards the update schedule. There were no updates for a month from December 8 to January 8, and then on January 9 there were 26 full videos added. I suspect this means the site is new and those 26 vids were added as the site opened, but of course there's no way to tell. I can tell you there were 30 videos added in February.

One last thing - while the running times shown on the tour for the videos mostly seem pretty short, but in reality the videos aren't short. The times on the tour are actually typos and the movies are mostly much longer than stated.

Big Fat Beauties has a collection of 79 videos featuring girls who range from chubby to fat. If watching full-figured and horny women turns you on, these movies have plenty of heavy honeys masturbating, sucking cocks and fucking. The DVD quality vids here are good quality and there are plenty of other video options. There are only 5 pic sets, so this is definitely a site for movie lovers. The bonus sites offer lots more porn in the same good quality. The downsides are a rather weird update schedule and slow-loading pages, but the movies themselves load fast. If fat and plump chicks turn you on, and you'd like plenty of bonus content, Big Fat Beauties is well worth a look!

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