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Big Cock Teen Addiction

Reviewed on 05/05/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.5

Main: Big cocks

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.95

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First Impression:
What is it about big dick sites? What is the attraction? If it's a gay oriented site I guess it's pretty clear why those of us that are gay would be looking at it. Gays like dick. This site depicts heterosexual sex although you certainly wouldn't be able to tell that just from the name of the site. Why would us guys want to see a big dick site? Isn't it a bit intimidating to compare your paltry 8-inch cock with the 12-inch monsters that the site's tour claims we will find here? And I am pretty sceptical about the 12 inches. I would be more convinced if they had a tape measure up against it and a signed statement by a witness, preferably a professional auditor. I checked there is no such image in the tour. Nevertheless the tour dicks do look long. I am not really sure whether I should be using the plural. All the dicks look the same so this may be a one big dick site. But coming back to the question of why would we want to see this site. I guess we are fascinated by the look on the women's faces, as the lizard is unveiled. We wonder how much she can take in her mouth, in her vagina? I didn't see any anal penetration depicted in the tour. There are lots of video trailers so we have a very good idea before joining exactly what we will see. There are also lots of good-looking young women on the tour. I like the alliteration in the promo text. "The Biggest Cocks in Porn Pounding the Pussies of Pretty Petite Teens in Exclusive Video Action!" I have a very favourable first impression. Let' go inside and see if "Big Cock Teen Addiction" lives up to expectations.

The most recent update is April the 4th. It looks as thought the site gets updated once a week. That is quite often for a site that is part of a 21-site network and is a bonus if you join any of the other sites in the network. Mae is the most recent update and she is a delectable young thing with an innocent look. She has not had many men in her life she says and they have all had small cocks, she illustrates by holding her fingers 4 or 5 inches apart. She is suitable impressed with the size of Ramon's appendage. The video begins with a blowjob but soon she has the huge thing wedged into her pussy. A vagina is a marvellous thing. You have to admire its elasticity. The scene finishes with the customary facial and Mae remarks that she can't believe she took the whole thing and that she feels as though she just had a baby.

The videos are available in 3 wmv speeds so that even those on dialup modems are able to stream them. The photo gallery contains only video captures from the movies. They are reasonable quality and allow you to preview the movie and judge whether it is one you want to watch.

All the videos I watch follow the same format. It begins with an interview in which we learn of the girl's previous dick-size experiences. Then Ramon, of the un-certified 12-dick, appears and we have the grand unveiling. There is the usual look of astonishmentt as the beast unfurls to its full dimensions. Next we get to see how much of the monster can be swallowed. I never saw anyone deep throat it. Then we move on to fucking in a variety of positions that lose their variety after you have watched a half-dozen women done in basically the same manner. Amazingingly, some of the women are able to take the full length of his shaft into their vaginal canal, although most don't. The scene finishes with a facial that some women seem to enjoy more than others. I personally am turned off by scenes in which we end with the seemingly compulsory facial when it is obvious the women would prefer not to do it. It spoils the eroticism for me when I see someone not enjoying herself. I know for some that is precisely the turn-on they want but it is not for me.

In the half-dozen videos I watch and another half dozen I scan the only big cock I see is Ramon's. Fortunately there are some additional big cock bonus videos available with other cocks to provide some variety. There are plenty of videos here showing you what the site was promoting and giving you what you come here to see. With the 20 additional bonus sites this represents good value.

This site should be called Ramon's big cock site since it is his cock that seems to be the sole big one featured. Yeah there are a few additional cocks in some added bonus material but it is really all about Ramon. There are lots of videos to view and lots of bonus sites. The women are attractive and fresh. I don't recall seeing any of them before. The site is good value for those looking to see women fucked by a big cock and who don't mind that it is always the same big cock.

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