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Big Cock Crew

Reviewed on 03/29/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Big cocks

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
This is the third site in PervNetwork I have reviewed, the others being Gobble My Goo and Creamy Pie Holes. Both sites had spelling errors in the headlines of their tours, the first sign of a pervasive careless. I am expecting to find a spelling error in the lead-off text of Big Cock Crew’s tour. And sure enough they do not disappoint. "Watch they re pussyies get stretched wide open" they announce, making 3 errors in one sentence. This is something a spell checker would have picked up so there is no excuse and explanation other than carelessness. And if the webmaster doesn’t care, we can’t trust him. So when the first sentence says, "More than 12 inches of monster cock for every girl!" are we going to believe it? I don’t. "Your grade school teacher was right when he/she said neatness counts." So my first impression this site creates is not good. I liked the content of Gobble My Goo so maybe this site could redeem itself.

Under "Big Cock Crew Latest Updates" it says, "Here are the latest updates for It is just more carelessness to confuse us. The first thing I do is click the "all models" link looking for Isabella, the beauty with the long read hair on the front page of the tour. There are five pages of models with five models to the page. I shouldn’t be, but I am surprised. The same thing happened when I was reviewing Creamy Pie Holes. She is not here. Once more they have pissed me off by making me search in vain for a model they promote on their front page as being on the site. Who knew reviewing porn sites could raise your blood pressure. The next model I click on is Genesis a model I recognize from Creamy Pie Holes. A strong point of the site is the variety of options available for viewing the videos: WMV - 700, 1100 and 2100 kbps; MPG - 1000 kbps; Mac - 1000 kbps; and iPod standard. I right click and download the MPG 1000 kbps version that I have found on their other sites to provide very good quality on a 720x480 pixel screen. The download speed is very good, over 400 kb/s which is a good thing because all the video files are large. The Genesis video is only rated 2 stars out of 5 and her pictures are 4 stars out of five. I am surprised. I liked her video on Creamy Pie Holes; that is why I clicked on her. Then I notice that every model’s video and pictures are rated the same. I chalk this up to just more sloppiness on the part of the webmaster.

Is this another example of sloppiness? The Genesis video when it opens is the same one I watched on Creamy Pie Holes. Sure the cock is long, maybe 8 inches, but why show the same video on two sites to which your members have access? I download Tia, Annette, Adrianna, Holly and Lain. Tia is an Asian who has grown up in LA where the video is made. She is a young and innocent looking 18. She is also tiny in comparison the big black guy she is paired with. Thankfully his cock is more in the neighborhood of 7" instead of 12". Oh! You didn’t believe that bullshit about "More than 12 inches of monster cock for every girl!" Tia Tanaka is cute and compliant and definitely and made this video the most enjoyable for me of the ones I viewed.

The video with Adrianna, though, is perhaps the most interesting. She is accompanied to the shoot by an older dude with long hair who plays the role of her father. Dad is introducing his daughter to the porn business and has a number of rules that he presents to the guy who does the filming. Amongst the rules he and his wife came up: no spitting and biting, no albino, no really big dicks and no facials. She is paired with a white guy who has a big dick but it not a really big dick. And there is no facial. In fact there is no cum shot. But we don’t know if this could be just the result of our sloppy webmaster. The scene just ends at the twenty-five minute mark. The other girls so get to play with some really big dicks. My favorite after Tia is Lain.

Big Cock Crew is a sloppily put together site that is a part of the PervNetwork of carelessly constructed web-sites. Their good points are that they offer many video viewing options, downloads are very fast and video quality is very good. Also good, each video is accompanied by large photos, not video captures. No so good, they only have 25 videos and one is a repeat from another of their sites. Bad, they have at least one model on their promotional tour, the one I liked the best, who is not on the site.

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