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Be the Mask

Reviewed on 08/13/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.3

Main: Porn stars

1 Month: $29.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Interestingly I recently reviewed a site that was inspired by this site. I think I saw this site a number of years ago and it was recalled to mind when I was reviewing the wannabe site. I was unimpressed with the knock off. I am curious to have a look at the original. I have a memory of "Be the Mask" as a UK site. The site still claims to be "the only site where you get to be the star and fuck real porn stars every month!" Hmmm... the wannabe site had the same premise so it is hard to say if this is the only site. Now if they really mean you get to fuck a real porn star every month, that would be truly unique. Where do I sign up? It is disappointing that a UK based site can’t compose an unambiguous English sentence. This week’s update is dated July 10 2006. That is a little disconcerting given that today’s is August 8, 2006. Somebody is asleep at the switch. They are sending a signal not to expect regular updates.

I seem to be wrong about the UK origins of this site. The trailers I view are American so my apologies for disparaging Brit grammatical competence. Now I wonder if my memory has failed me completely or if site is under a new management. I also recall women as well as men, being masked and living a fantasy in the version I saw. From the promo pictures I have the definite impression the focus here is on men. This is the kind of promotional tour I really like. The whole site is here for us to see. There is a 90 second video on a small screen. There are lots of images showing us all the porn stars that appear on the site. Click on one of the images and it links to their photo and or video shoot. Sometimes there is only a video. Sometimes there are only photo shoots and no video. Are they saving the video for a future update I wonder?

"Do you want to fuck one of these porn stars?" they ask. Sure. They also tell me I could be getting my dick sucked next month by one of the girls I am looking at her. Alright, now that is a bonus feature well worth considering.

I feel mixed up. As I scan quickly through the content here the site does not seem at all like the one I remember. There is also not as much content as I was anticipating in a site several years old that updates weekly. There are 48 girls featured. Some of them have more than one shoot. Some have only photo shoots. I counted approximately 50 video shoots. The majority of the videos are from 12 minutes to 20 minutes in duration but a few hover around the 30 minute mark. Some of the girls have 2 or 3 videos and one girl has 5 videos. I am curious as to why there are so many models that only have photos and no video? I watch two videos of photo shoots. I think this is an excellent way to get the guy warmed up and comfortable in front of the camera. Later I see one guy in his hard core video and he is performing like a pro. In one pictures set I see the guy is wearing a dildo on the outside of his pants and I hypothesize that maybe there is no video of that shoot because guy couldn’t perform. The next picture set I look at that has no video, the masked guy has an erection to be proud of and is happily fucking away to his final facial ejaculation, so much for my hypothesis. The pictures are large, 1024 x 682 and must be advanced manually. There is a zip file download option available which is always convenient.

Videos come in one option only. There is a wmv file of the complete movie. It can be streamed or downloaded. My download speeds were consistently above 220 kB/s even when downloading two videos. All the women are attractive and the sex is hot because it is real. These guys consider themselves very lucky in to be here. I was surprised to see at least two guys used repeatedly as the mask. They may have started out as members of the site but they seem to have moved on to being paid porn studs. Maybe some will get to fuck a porn star every month. The video quality is very good. The most common screen size is 480x360 pixels streaming at around 1000kbps. Several movies were 640x480 pixels at the same bit rate but I did see one 640x480 screen with a bit rate over 2000kbps. The latter’s quality was excellent.

I love the premise of the site. It motivates members to retain their membership in the hopes of getting on the site and it provides the site with a fresh supply of potential studs, new to the porn world and totally enthralled with the opportunity to fuck these porn stars. The repetitive use of some of the guys is a little puzzling. The fact that only one of them seems to have the body type of the average Joe makes me suspicious about how many of these guys are, or were, really members. Some would definitely seem to be, so there remains hope we, well you, (I am not eligible) might actually get lucky and be selected. The videos are nicely shot, clear and bright and the girls are a delight.

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