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Barefoot Maniacs

Reviewed on 03/07/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Foot fetish

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.98

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The Barefoot Maniacs tour shows some really sexy honeys with shapely feet teasing and getting fucked. These aren't your average amateur chicks - although some are amateurs, most of the girls I see here are babes. There's plenty of guys cumming on the girls' feet, and some of the girls are happy to lick their feet clean, too. I see more sex than you usually see on a foot fetish site, so I get the impression that Barefoot Maniacs is a little different. Let's go to the member area and see what Barefoot Maniacs has to offer.

The first thing you see when you log into Barefoot Maniacs are links to the latest updates inside the bonus sites. Below that is the latest Barefoot Maniacs update with links to the photos, videos and full movie on the left and a big thumb on the right. Keep on scrolling down and you will see linked thumbs of the girls in the other exclusive videos and below that are links to more foot sex movies. Next come links to the bonus sites, then the live cams and finally video on demand.

The girls are all listed by name, thumb and date added to the site. Most of the thumbs are of the girls' faces, and don't show their feet - you have to click to their pages to see 'em. And after reading the update dates, I notice that the site updates irregularly. Some months have 2 updates, some have 3. One has only 1. And there are some months during the middle of last year that have both exclusive and non exclusive updates, listed in different sections. There are currently 28 exclusive movies and 52 more foot movies featuring some pretty hot amateurs.

It's worth mentioning again that these are some real hotties. Some foot fetish sites have girls who really aren't that attractive to me. There are some very sexy babes inside Barefoot Maniacs, and they're a pleasure to see.

When you click to a girl's page, you will see links to her photo gallery, her video clips and her full movie. I recommend that unless you're on dialup, you watch the entire movies. The reason is that the clips are shown at a screen size of 320x306 whereas the high version of the full movies are shown at a larger screen size of 480x430. I like the bigger screen better.

Each video, whether clip or full, is available in low, medium and high versions and they start playing pretty quickly. The sound is good and the newer videos are streamed at around 740k, which looks good. The older movies are streamed at around 498k, and are amateur to good amateur quality. The movies are WMVs, and if you right click, you can select zoom and watch them full screen.

For those who aren't sure what speed they are connected to the internet at, they can select the link that says "Click here for a speed recommendation" and the site will detect your connection speed and select the movie speed that's good for you.

Most of the pic sets are vidcaps, but they are pretty good looking for vidcaps. They are shown at 640x480 and there are plenty of toe sucking, foot stroking girls getting creamed. The pics open in a new window, and you can navigate from pic to pic without going back to the gallery.

Barefoot Maniacs members get access to 28 bonus sites, including reality sites like XXX Proposal and Bus Stop Whores, ebony sites like Tiny's Black Adventures and Pimp My Black Teen. There are also anal, teen, squirting and more sites for members. It's a pretty nice collection of porn and I think it offers a nice variety of niche sites.

It would have been nice to let the members see what foot-related activities take place in each video by having a search feature. Instead you're sort of guessing. Some videos and pic sets have footjobs where others don't. I think Barefoot Maniacs videos are often hardcore videos with a foot-fetish info and ending. And that's not a bad thing for some people as the girls are sexy and fun.

Barefoot Maniacs is a site that walks the line between foot fetish and hardcore sex. This is not a pure fetish site by any means, but there are plenty of sexy foot girls, manicured toes and cum on feet. There's also plenty of cock sucking, pussy licking and fucking - with no feet involved. Real foot fetishists may not find this site is everything they're looking for, but if you're a guy who's looking for some hot foot play plus regular fucking, I suggest you check out Barefoot Maniacs and see what they have to offer.

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