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Banging Machines

Reviewed on 09/18/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.7

Main: Masturbation

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
After reviewing so many websites where the sex seems pro forma and mechanistic is will be delight to review a site that makes no pretence about how mechanical the sex is. This is a site that revels in its "mechanical pussy pounding". The tour text says that the site offers 100% exclusive content featuring "Super hot babes riding gigantic banging machines! Carefully filmed in high quality and downloadable for your enjoyment." There are no guys on this site. Just girls having fun with machines they can be certain will not disrespect them or shoot a load of cum in their faces when they obviously don’t want it. I am guessing from one of the trailers that I watch that a guy is filming it. I really think it is a guy thing to see women sucking dildos. I would love to hear from the women on this. The women in the tour are attractive. I like the idea of a site where the focus is on pleasuring the woman. I am hoping we will see some genuine female orgasms here and that the camera will pay as much attention to the woman’s face as it does her vagina. The banging machines don’t seem to be as varied as the machines I have seen on another site. They are nevertheless available for sale by the site, which is a great way of marketing such devices I would think.

Sadly I think this site will be a disappointment to those that join. The problem is not the content. The content is as depicted in the tour. The problem is the paucity of content. There is a total of 10 Banging Machines videos. Ten videos is not sufficient content to justify a pay site. And the dozen plus bonus sites will not be any comfort. Machine/girl interaction is a very specific kind of content. There is nothing else like it included in any of the bonus sites. It, of course, is a bonus site itself for this network of sites and as such I guess works. But if you joined the site specifically looking for this material and this is all you find, I imagine you will be pretty glum, particularly when there is another site called Fucking Machines that has been specializing in this kind of content for a couple of years with regular weekly updates. No mention is made of the how often this site will be updated.

The videos themselves are only available in one size and one speed. Each video is broken into segments and there is no option to view the whole video. The segments can be streamed or downloaded to your computer. They play on a 320x240 pixel screen at 512 kbps and the quality is good. The girls are attractive and the camera catches as much of their facial expressions as it does their pussies. The machines themselves are not complex and rather noisy, particularly when the camera is placed close to one. The machine that Tricia rides intrigues me. It is a kind of an open rocking horse that she straddles with a dildo that comes up through the bottom into her vagina and can be worked with a handle as she rocks back and forth on the apparatus. I love its silence broken only by her moans of pleasure. I also get it now why so many of the girls are sucking on the dildo at the beginning of the videos. It is not to lubricate them for easy sliding into their vaginas, although that could be a positive consequence. No it is for variety. It is hard to make a video of girls getting fucked by a machine interesting past the 5 or 6-minute mark. The sucking on a dildo is one way of building in some variety and filling time. I just think there are much more imaginative ways these pretty women could have entertained us with these machines.

There are only 10 videos on this site that have anything to do with women getting fucked by machines. This makes a nice bonus site for those who have joined this collection of bonus sites for other reasons. If you join because you want to see women getting banged by a variety of fucking machines you will be sadly disappointed. A pay site with only 10 videos is not worthy of the status. Happily there is another fucking machines site on the Internet that has been around for years, has much more impressive machines and is updated regularly. If you want to see women and machines go there.

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